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Monday, Dec. 09, 2002
Today I got a voicemail from Madprophet asking me to phone him back. I knew there was something definitely up and I was worried. I phoned him back and we spoke. Something rather big is up. He and his family are moving over the holidays. Meaning that his entire family will be in another state while hes staying behind to finish some things regarding work. This means that he will be spending Christmas without his wife and children. This also means that he will be moving away from his own family now. This also means that he will not have Internet access for quite awhile Im sure he wont for at least a certain period of time while he and his family get settled into a new life etc. Internet access is just not a priority when a person is doing that.

I am praying that this will be the answer that they need. While it is sad that I wont be able to communicate with him as we have in the past and of course I have that inner voice of fear that we will perhaps lose touch due to these changes, I know that we will never lose touch forever. It was a bittersweet phone call and yet Im glad he called me to inform me himself. Hell still be in the same place for Christmas, and I hope to get to talk to him on Christmas day and of course sometime shortly before his move. I have always wished I could do something more for him, and perhaps this is an answer to my prayers for him and his family, those answers rarely look like the ones we think we are praying for. In this case, however, I believe this change is for the best for everyone involved. And besides, hes moving closer not farther away. :-)


We have been friends for a long time and we have exchanged poetic ramblings so long that I can barely write poetry without your past and present influences affecting it. In that way and in many others you are a part of who I am forever. There will never be a petal that doesnt remind me of you, and when you are silent and feel far away, I will not forget you, I will pray for you every day until the fields bloom again. There is only one day to think about...today, worry about today with everything you have to give it, and tomorrow will blossom brand new daisies. I will always be your friend because time and distance never stopped me before and will not stop me now.

My best wishes to you and your family...

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