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Friday, Jun. 14, 2002
I feel just like

And here’s why…

I was thinking …yeah I know, not a good idea! So I was there last night thinking, even if I were still in that apartment and he was coming to see me…

Somewhere in the discussion he had said, “you could show me around”.

He doesn’t know I’m direction dyslexic.

Last year when my pretty much only girl friend Carla flew here from Toronto, we decided to go to a few places around town that I’ve never been to. She rented a car; because hey lets face it even though I have a love affair with my Prelude…no one else seems to. So anyway, she drove. She found her way around town in no time. With ease she drove all over the bay and without a single problem. I on the other hand was constantly lost!

I am a timid driver. If I have to go somewhere I’ve never been before I always do that “pre-test trial drive” there thing. Once I’ve gone somewhere once you’d think I’d know my way automatically the next time. But… nope I still have to sit and concentrate on where it was and where to start and I always ask myself in vain, “where was that again?” Unless I go somewhere frequently…I’m a direction dyslexic mess.

So if he never comes, he’ll never know I’m direction dyslexic. I COULDA LET HIM DRIVE.


Somewhere else while talking with “him” he said “I can finally come tease you about your messy hair”.

He doesn’t know I got my hair trimmed and its too short to be all sexy-messy like he’s always seen it in the past.

This week I went to get my hair trimmed like a thousand other times. I refuse to chuck out tons of cash just to get my hair trimmed, so she cut it way shorter than I ever intended because sometimes those people servicing too many people in too little hours just can’t hang with it and do a great job on everyone. While husband says my hair looks fine and doesn’t know why I’m irritated with the 2 month growth period I’ll have to endure to get back to where the length was, I am not at all happy with the do. I COULDA WORE A HAT.

I don’t know why I’m so bothered that he may never drive “me” around town while I shove my hair up under my favorite gap hat.


I waste a lot of valuable time thinking about things that just don’t matter don’t I? I guess my last thought on it is just….regret. I was on a certain path with a lot of sureness in my footsteps for the last year. Now I’m right back where I started.

Short hair.

That’s where I was 2 years ago! Damn….but I guess I did enjoy the brief sojourn into happiness.

I just wish I didn’t feel like Mr. Magoo driving through this life of mine….

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