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Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004

So..."Sister" just broke up with her man Jason....and after listening to me whine for the last 2 months about all of my heartache over her brother...the tables have somewhat turned and I feel badly for her because I know from where she speaks...I know so well... Sometimes you just have to lighten up...without her there to vent to I'd be dressed in black and lace...

Either way I consider "Sister" to be a good friend these days...and it's nice, I need more "GIRL" friends.

Sister: i just want to die
Kwisty2k: ut oh
Kwisty2k: where have i heard that before?
Sister: then i won't have to deal with it
Kwisty2k: no no it's not the answer
Kwisty2k: you have 3 children to think about.....
Kwisty2k: and besides....you might not like the dress they put you in....so you better write up a will first
Sister: u got apoint there
Kwisty2k: i always think my ex-husband would probably put me in some laura ingalls flowered nasty ass dress like his new wife wears and then I just can't off myself
Sister: i guess i better write it up then lol
Kwisty2k: tsk tsk
Sister: jason is on the phone right now
Kwisty2k: tell him what kinda dress you wanna be wearing
Kwisty2k: just in case
Kwisty2k: lol
Sister: lol
Kwisty2k: i'll have to tell R
Kwisty2k: he'd probably remember too
Sister: remember what
Kwisty2k: R would remember what i wanted to wear
Sister: oh ok
Kwisty2k: i want to be naked when i'm buried
Sister: ok
Kwisty2k: but not for viewing
Kwisty2k: absolutely not for viewing
Kwisty2k: i just can't imagine being stuck with the same outfit on for the rest of time
Kwisty2k: i mean if I had died in1982 and they dug me up now I'd have those pants on with all those zippers on em and how terrible would that look now?
Sister: right
Kwisty2k: i think i want to wear a maids sexy outfit
Kwisty2k: those are timeless
Kwisty2k: minus the feather duster though
Sister: right
Kwisty2k: no matter when i got dug up the guys would be like "look she musta been a real hottie"
Kwisty2k: because by then my fat ass would be dust
Kwisty2k: either way you must take care of this important "what I want to be wearing" matter before you off yourself

Sister: right
Kwisty2k: you ok?

Sister: no

Kwisty2k: I'm sorry

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