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Monday, Jul. 22, 2002
T: hey there...Why are you aggitated?

Me: *shrugs*

T: smile

Me: its a girl thing

T: you going to let me in to the deeper levels of being a girl?

Me: lol

Me: its stupid

T: ok

Me: i lost something that matters to me and now I'm in a funk

T: oh...

T: that makes sense

Me: i looked all over for it

Me: and I can't find it

Me: and its stupid but I want it

T: it is not stupid if you think itis important

Me: i've had it for 9 months and i really like it

Me: and i lost it (I think)

T: probably just misplaced and once you stop looking for it....boom it turns up

Me: if its not on my desk at work tomorrow then it's lost

Me: cause I didn't have it all weekend, just went for it tonight

Me: and it wasn't in my backpack

Me: I bought a brand new leather journal today

Me: and so I just wanted my favorite pen



T: but that is not stupid...

T: that is normal

Me: it's silver and funky and was $5 at Target 9 months ago and I even went to Target to just buy another one. And they don't have em anymore.

T: lol


T: isn't that always the case?

Me: I lost my pen and now I can't write and so I'm aggitated.

Me: And my new leather journal is laughing at me I swear. Bastage.

T: Have you tried a different pen?

T: I know it is noth the same

Me: I tried, but I'm in a deep funk and it's....it's like having a cone with no ice cream in it.


T: that sucks

Me: just*crunch* *crunch* with no sugar


Me: lips all dry, tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth

T: well there is always the koolaid with no sugar

Me: <----throws crappy bic pen on the floor

T: lol

Me: for 2 hours I lost my shoes too

Me: my sketcher street cleats

Me: i'm all like "where are they?" "do you know?" "do YOU know?" "how about YOU...have YOU seen my shoes?"

Me: everyone *shakes head* "no...we don't know!"

Me: "we don't know"

Me: "we REALLY don't know"

T: so where were they?

T: right were you left them?

Me: I find them outside of the sunroom on the patio where I never go.

T: Gremlins?

Me: I go back to "Bucky" and say "did you wear my shoes outside the sunroom?"

Me: "oh yeah ....I did"




Me: "do you know where mommy's pen is "Bucky"?"


Me: "NO, NO mommy I don't...I REALLY don't..."

T: sounds familiar doesn't

Me: yesssssssssss

Me: ok so this is a major downfall thing abou tme

Me: about me

Me: I have this issue

Me: about my things

Me: when I was 19 I got shit canned outta the house


Me: when I was 23 I had to move from TX to PA and LOST most EVERYTHING

Me: few months ago moved out..."LOST MORE SHIT"

Me: so the things I do have....getting lost....ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: <----gives Kristy a reassuring hug

Me: awwwwww

Me: t?

T: yes

Me: "do you have my pen?"

T: "NO, NO Kristy I don't...I REALLY don't..."

Me: teheeee

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