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Tuesday, May. 07, 2002
I'm going to bed unhappy cause I wasted my time talking to "him". If you know where that info is you can go check it out if you're really bored. All he does is frustrate me because he's right. I shouldn't fucking care about anyone online. But ...to me once you go out of the realm of mere words...then it's not someone "online" only anymore.

Opinion? Anyone?


I need to turn my fucking computer off and concentrate on life I think. fuck....

And the thing that bothers me the most is that this made up David paralells how I feel about him. Anything I say I feel towards David for fictiously leaving me.....is always about "him" and he always defends it and that makes the whole charade that much worse and I need to grow up and face reality and come back to life not fiction. Yes..I need to find apathy and pump it into my veins where "he's" concerned. It's just all bad for me. So fucked up....
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