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Monday, May. 10, 2004
The more I think about it all….the more I read that note from my son, I realize he’s just like me. He’s emotionally driven, sensitive and dang isn’t he able to express it all with words? This is all the more reason that I am so proud of him that it’s bursting from my seams. It’s long bothered me that he doesn’t like to read, and maybe that love will eventually come about with time and more skilled reading skills on his part. But in the interim its just so cool to me that he can write and express and that he would even try to do that. Secondly he tried to sooth what he saw as my apparent “fear” to speak to him. I didn’t talk directly to him about his lack of having a gift because I realize that he’s 11 and can’t drive to the store nor can he really on his own facilitate a gift in that way. He would need the help of another adult. Next month there will be no nice Old Navy shirt for Dad, because I…yah I’ll buy him one…because I always do the right thing even though that psychopath never does the same.

Bryan says I’m always disappointed because of my expectations of other people. He’s 110% right. Next week is my birthday, I shall expect nothing and thereby not be disappointed. I shall enjoy all of my ebay purchases and make thyself happy thyself! I shall drink tons of starbucks and sit by the water reading lots of books. I shall…make thyself a princess for the day.
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