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Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2005
This week I missed only a half of a point.
Week 2        
4/7 days  Participation
 3 out of a possible 3    
Days 3 & 5 DQs  
2 out of a possible  2    
Day 7 (Wed)
Personal Goals Paper
5 out of a possible  5
Day 7 (Wed)
Pathways to Learning Assignment
2.5 out of a possible 2.5
Day 7 (Wed)
Personality Spectrum
2 out of a possible 2.5
Day 7 (Wed)
Outline of LT - Team Dynamics 
or Conflict Resolution in Work Teams  
5 out of a possible 5   



WEEK 2 SUBTOTAL:  20  19.5   

CUMULATIVE SUBTOTAL: 32 out of a possible 32.5


Week 2:  Good job in Week 2! You 
earned participation for  6/7 days,
that is terrific! Great job on meeting and exceeding the goal again this week.
You answered the DQs very well. On the 
LT Outline, your team did a terrific job!
Your LT has an excellent grasp on the requirements for the LT paper and
presentation that will be due in Week 5. 
Keep up the EXCELLENT work!
I hope you enjoyed the Personality and Pathways assessments. I did
take 1/2 point off the Personality 
Spectrum as the instructions were to
rank order. Attached you will find 
specific feedback on your Personal
Goals paper. Please let me know if you
have any questions or concerns.


The comments on my attached paper were as follows:


Good APA Format on the Cover Page


Great job on this paper! You do a terrific job covering all the essential

elements of the paper and ensuring all the content requirements are met.

You have a wonderful spin to your paper and take the initiative to include

references as well. Terrific work on your 1stofficial paper!


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