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Sunday, Oct. 10, 2004
Today my son calls me up and says he’s at the McDonalds and is going to walk to my apartment to see me. I’m like ‘uh yah who are you with?’ He says he’s with a friend but Daddy already says it’s ok for him to walk down the street to my house. Down the street happens to be thru two major intersections and about 2.3 miles away. Say what??? Geeezus… so I say it’s ok and I jump in my truck and drive there as fast as I possibly can and to save face with my child I simply say “I couldn’t wait to see you honey so I came to get you.” It’s not his fault his father’s an absolute retard who will let him walk down a major thoroughfare by himself. Idiot!!!!! And alone!!! But rather than freak out, I just dealt with it the best I could and shrugged it off. I refuse to allow my ex to destroy my happiness, my day, or anything else for that matter.

On the way back to the apartment fiancé calls me and we all decide to go get some Mexican food because I was craving chicken enchilada’s like crazy. So the three of us go to dinner and I’m pushing the knowledge that in a few hours they’ll both be gone, banished back to their prospective homes and I will again be sitting alone in front of this white Word window….yah…like here I am.

We had a great time though. I can see R and Bucky gaining ground, forming a relationship. It’s a nice thing. I think they were both happy to see each other again, it’s been awhile although I’m not sure exactly…I think about two weeks.

Then we rented Scary movie 3 and Bucky and I watched it while R fell asleep on the loveseat. He’s so damn tired all the time, I feel for him. Shortly thereafter ex showed up to retrieve the kiddo and then R went home.

So…in the last 3 days I’ve again managed to clean my entire apartment, read half of a book, make dinner, enjoy Mexican dinner and spend as much time as possible with the man.

We also talked about wedding plans this weekend, we talked about dates and times and it looks like it will happen in November of 2005. I will be wearing a white dress and I will “wear my barefeet” as instructed by my son. We will be getting married at sunset, (my concession to what he wants…I preferred sunrise myself) We will not make ourselves crazy, however Randy will be the best man and I will be asking Carla to fly in from Toronto and be my maid of honor. We will be going to the Bahamas or Key West for our honeymoon and we will spend an entire week there. We are still debating the reception plans and looking at all options. I am excited and more than that I am happy. So very happy. He and I have been together since Jan 12, 2003. We will be together for nearly 3 years when we tie the knot.

This weekend was killer good. Totally killer good. I’m happy and yet a tinge melancholy about the fact that it’s over…but there’s so much to look forward to. At dinner tonight my son promptly informed R and I that he wants to go on our honeymoon with us. Teehee… To which R said, “we can’t get busy making you a brother or sister if you’re there.” :-)

Since my son called me about five minutes after my last entry and my book is still calling me, and I have just enough bubble bath to take one last bath before it’s gone…I’m outtie again to go read….

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