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Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2005
My son says that if I ever get my masters degree I can only brag about it for one day because one of his teachers has her masters degree and she rants and raves saying “I HAVE my MASTERS Degree from such and such University, do you know how hard that is to get and you kids..you kids…I don’t get paid enough to put up with you kids!”

After much deliberation on my part and much explanation that that teacher is just a bad teacher for saying such things but if Mom gets her Masters she’s amazing and stupendous and therefore….

Well after all that deliberation and the promise of fifty smackeroos if he comes and helps me move all of my books…we have come to the agreement that HIS MOM can brag about a Masters degree for at least TWO WHOLE DAYS…and ENDLESSLY.

However, after some obvious confusion about how the college degree system works…I was awarded the ability to brag for nearly a week long over my Bachelor’s degree. He thinks that being a BACHELOR is far better than being the MASTER.

Smart kid.

After the degree explaination of sorts he went on to ask me what I intend to do or would want to do if I can do anything once I'm educated. I advised him that I'd like to go back and get a degree in English/Writing so that I can perhaps become an editor. Then I had to explain what an editor does. He said, "That would suck fixing mistakes all day!" He then commented on the fact that my school file on my laptop is named "My Fucking School Shit". He giggled about it. I told him "Yes Mom should probably change that." He said, "No don't do that, you're you and that's cool. Most people try to be someone else not themselves." I told him tonight I was sorry for being busy and working and for everything.

He said and I quote, "I'd rather push chairs for awhile than work at Publix cutting ham all day paying for college."

He has no idea how much I admire him. None. But I'm pretty sure he knows that I love him more than life.
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