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math and loathing

Monday, Dec. 11, 2006
I am staring my second and last required Math course in less than an hour. I loathe Math and I expect that there will a few entries about sitting for four hours for a subject I both loath and will never use in my lifetime. Yes we use Math every single day but we do not figure out why a and b can’t just get it together and make a baby b instead of being the equivalent of some other negative or positive or reversed number. Yes I hate this kind of Math.

It might be different if we were sitting around counting money and then….then we got to keep it! Yes…that would be a good Math class. I’m also taking this Math course on campus meaning I got to work at 7:50 a.m. I am not currently on the clock but yet I will not leave this building until at the very earliest 10 p.m. Hmm….that is one LONG day no matter how you count it up.

Loathe…hate….five more weeks of loathing ahead. 20 hours of pure unadulterated hate.


p.s. I'd rather be cuddling with the man on the couch watching mindless TV. ahh someday...

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