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maybe i am too - poem

Monday, Aug. 26, 2002
maybe i am too

i donít want
you to be the only
thing that makes me

i really donít
because i want to be
someone, something
happy for you
for awhile

right now iím as blank
as this page
blank cause..

i just miss you
and wonder
if its neediness
or all the space
all the distance

i have every word
saved in a traffic jam
backed up for miles
all the things i wanted to say
chasing each other
and falling all over
into the other

with nowhere to go
to find you ..

these are minutes with sighs
when i realize
how nice it is
when you just are

how maybe i should
just let you be

cause if you want to
if you really want to
and you set out
to be close to me
i should just never
push you
just embrace you
nearer to me

you are enough
just you
maybe i am too

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