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Tuesday, May. 21, 2002
I’ve been surfing all night. All over the place and back here again. It’s strange. I start somewhere else online. I go to a website about art, then about books and then to a personal site and then I hit a link and WHAM I’m led right back to Diaryland. Is this place the mecca of the Internet? It would appear that most people have a website and then they have a blog or their own personal place somewhere and then they have a diary at diaryland. And then they have and they have….and holy fuck…it’s one big giant circular thing. It’s like I picture all these spider webs far reaching and the nucleus of it all is right back here. Argh…. It’s so odd. Oddness at best. I mean I read something and I think “ok this is kinda kewl” and then I hit a random link not even knowing what it is and blam….diaryland. I know I said this already but do you get what I’m really saying. Yeah you’re reading this and guess what….blam you are at diaryland. So odd how it’s a giant loop.

It reminds me of the Dallas freeways. They go around and around and hell if I ever got lost while living there, I’d find my way back if I just kept going straight, even if it didn’t appear that I was going straight. I’d loop around and find that same highway again. Without trying. And I’d realize that that same highway was the one where I was lost. And damn it I am still lost.

Ok and I suppose this was all leading up to something. I have been reading some of the same diaries since back in the day when I first got here. Then I realized that I really like diaries that do one of the following

1. make me think
2. make me care about the person
3. make me learn as a person
4. make me wish I had written that poem
5. make me want to read a new book
6. tell me about a cool band
7. have pretty pictures (yes I can be shallow too)
8. or just generally belong to a good writer, someone that writes from the gut….

So…lately I’ve been adding by the dozens diaries that

1. catch my eye
2. sound interesting
3. seem to be something new

And I realize that….

1. I don’t miss anyone I deleted, because while they aren’t bad as people or diaryists they just had certain things to offer, I gained and there was nothing more to learn.
2. I can’t even remember who I deleted or why. I think it was the old “you listed me so I’ll be courteous and list you” epidemic that goes on. Or it was just that I got tired of the same rhetoric day after day. “My life sucks...wahhhh” I mean I have those days, but even fucked up me doesn’t have them everyday.
3. I hate that epidemic and refuse to care about courtesy.
4. Write from your heart and I’ll be addicted forever.
5. If you stopped writing in your diary, I nixed ya. Nothing to read = nothing to link to!
6. Lastly I’d like to say on this issue. I don’t know much about HTML or web design although that’s the area I aspire to be an expert in….SOON SOON!….I however realize that there are others that have this same problem, but with so many free designers out there, and so many willing people to pretty up your diary, why do people still have those ugly fucking diaryland layouts? And some people have em and keep em forever….. (will someone please design something kewl for Zenincarnate cause that mans too kewl for that layout!) (uh…thanks in advance!)

By the way, I never said that my diary was all or any of these things good or bad, so don’t attack me for speaking the truth. Afterall that’s what y’all bitch at me about the most. Honesty. So honestly, I had to say it.

Diaryland is the mecca and some of it’s inhabitants are sadly fucked up. I’d love to have a site “FREEPROZAC.COM” because I know it would get the most hits of any other site. Shit, that site exists, and it sucks. Sad….even the free prozac site sucks. *sigh* Josh if you’re reading, don’t bother.

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