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Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004
Later tonight I'm dragging bf out to see....

At the very least I'll be drooling over Ashton and holding my bf's hand. Should work out even if the movie sucks.

About a year ago my friend Delboy told me to buy and read Margaret Cho's book "I'm the one that I want' because he saw her on Rosie O'donnell or some shit and thought of me. I read the book and thought "wow he thinks I'm similiar in some way?" She's a strong ass woman and... doesn't she look hot these days after all that weight loss. I saw a magazine article about Drew Barrymore recently where she lost 20 lbs and though she looks great I wonder if her man hugs her does he get bruises from her hip bones jutting out? I just found out from my pal Devian that Margaret Cho has a blog. Rock on Devian, l gain so much from your presence in this world.

Tonight is also the last night for....

I don't think the loss of this show will really affect me for weeks to come when I realize that these girls are no longer a part of my life. When they start to repeat and re-repeat everything because I will watch these repeats. They are the younger version of Golden Girls afterall. I will never forget "funky spunk" and/or that cardboard baby that Charlotte's ex-husband gave to her. Never. Who would?

Outside of being a media watching whore tonight....I'm feeling pretty ok after a bad ill feeling day yesterday. Just too introspective and too much time on my hands. That never fairs well for depression as a whole.

Special thanks to r>her for sharing this with me. What a beautifully written tribute to poetry. And again, I'm thrilled to know she has a site. I suppose there's just so much to see and read online that we can't all possibly have hit all places. Her site is beautiful and I can't wait to hit it daily because I think I would benefit greatly. Much appreciated my diaryland pal. More than you know. I might just have to paint those quotes on a wall somewhere.

I'm going to go make some tea and read some of my new book.....yah I bought one tonight. This one..... I was waiting for it to come out in paperback and was thrilled to see the nicer cover on the paperback version. I don't know why covers really matter to me, I mean they don't as much as the interior guts, but they do matter in my world. I'm I'm bibliophile to the extreme. Mr. Spencer rocks like few other. Of course, if I could sit and have dinner with him I'd be heaven. But first god...send me Paul Westerberg. Um...on further note God, thanks for sending those you have sent me in the past. I appreciate it.

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