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Thursday, Jun. 27, 2002
the standards are luxury,beautiful, and single with no kids....

I want a man that doesn’t care what I am, but rather that I just am.
Standards are cars. Standards have nothing to do with love. And "Bucky" deserves only the best!!!


I actually called Tim at work to ask him his fingernail preference because of my plight as to whether to cut before meeting him or cut after. He made it very clear that he cares about me not my fingernails. I just wish I wasn’t so damn used to being ripped apart for caring and believing in someone

. I just posted this on my billboard….and I’m gonna cut my nails….yup…

You deserve as much as your believe you do, dear. What reason is there to accept anything less? Open your mind, open your heart, and it will fall into your open arms.

I am going forth without fear. I am beating it off… yeahhhhhhh…. By the way, it’s great when someone tells you you’re the “prettiest”. Specially when you feel so covered with ugly disappointments.
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