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Tuesday, May. 18, 2004
Yesterday was slightly disappointing except for the fact that I only had one mental fit despite it all. I watched that movie Le Divorce the other night with Rick and I believe that we women are always disappointed in men because of the outlandish and over the top things that movies and the media portray men doing. So this guy within the movie buys the girl an expensive purse, the sort of purse that costs my entire years salary (well not really…but I’d never pay that much for a PURSE!). She proceeds to carry the purse everywhere with pride and then in the end she ends up tossing it out into the air from the Eiffel Tower never to be seen again. But back to my original thought. Lets recall some scenes that make us women want perfection in our men.

1. Pretty Women. Richard Gere ‘slathers’ Julia Roberts with gifts and gowns and jewels and the like all throughout the movie.
2. Bridget Jones Diary. Her man (the one with the yucko sweater) gives her a brand new red diary to “write about their new life together”. C’mon most men would bitch about what she wrote in her first diary and leave her in the dust.

Ok so that’s the only two that come to mind right now but I’m sure every girl out there could write me an entry about some movie and some male character that went above and beyond the call of romantic duty. However, it is my belief that for my own romantic expectations the media has put me in a position to expect much and when it doesn’t come then I’m feeling left out.

IE: Yesterday was my birthday. I say I don’t want fancy gifts, (what a lie eh?) and I really really really don’t. However, I woulda died on the spot if I had just walked in the door to a birthday cake lit up with candles, someone singing perhaps. Maybe a big yelled out “SURPRISE!”. Something anything….anything except b.f. half asleep on the bed after a long day of work, a sink full of dirty dishes, a dirty kitchen floor, shoes flung all over, dirty clothes stacked up (my fault my fault…but c’mon I didn’t want to SEE it on my birthday), and my dog jumping all over me taking a normal doggie “touch me touch me mommy” fit.

It didn’t happen so I took a “female moment” monumental fit and a half and just got all bitchy and nasty and then all quiet. I don’t suppose it’s right of me to expect someone else to know what I want or what I would like or that I watch too many romantic comedies. I wanted a wrapped up pretty present containing anything..anything at all…just some pink bow done up box….. I know I’m probably the world’s biggest B**** because b.f. went out and bought a TV because I didn’t like the picture of the old one…..and I should shut up and be grateful. It’s just..just…all those damned movies and all those fake character men…..

Meg Ryan be damned!!

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