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Monday, Nov. 04, 2002
Lately I am the person in every relationship that sustains the relationship. Or at least thatís how it has begun to feel. If I make no effort to contact a person, they just seem to slip away.

Now I am referring to one person in particular. One person that went from speaking to me daily to speaking to me almost never. Nothing happened between us or anything, and things are probably ok. I guess what it comes right down to is that I miss my friend.

I know heís praying for me. Thatís a given. I guess I just miss those days when we sent each other messages on fireseek all afternoon when I worked out of my bosses house and could jump up and make a hot cup of tea. When no one else was much around. I miss that section of my life. Today I thought about it and its not fireseek I miss, or the tea. I miss you.

I should be writing my novel and I will. I just feel all melancholy today. And my novelís not melancholy so I have to go crank up some AC/DC or something and change my mood.

E.T. the movie is playing in the background. Thatís just not cutting it for changing my mood.

Did you hear me? I miss you! *sigh* OkÖIím going to go crank some metal and write.



He's going to get a muscle biopsy tomorrow, I lost my car keys this morning and to top that all off.."Bucky's" haircut on picture day is now taped to my monitor. It's horrid.
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