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memory won't let you forget to let me remember you - poem

Wednesday, Jun. 05, 2002
memory won’t let you forget to let me remember you

a rumbling hiding behind my left ear
hearing memories
like spoken word


intense feeling
the rough of the you fabrics
that wrap around fingers of emotion

they hold me onto you
magnets of fragmented thoughts

solid until fingerprinted

a single hush

multiplied with
every rush of my minds eratic line drawn logic
squealing across that lost feeling

ripped apart a perfect white page

to forget you
forget to regret you

need the quit of feeding into
the bite reading into
leading into the saneness
of same of some insane…fucking rage

hold me to your lips
i want to remember the silence
of the “this” and only what is

curtains drawn
shhh….i said ….shhhhh
into my left ear

exit stage left
i know you hear
12:59 p.m. ::
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