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Wednesday, Oct. 02, 2002
For those of you that have asked, and to clear up the confusion and to also enter my first so called delusional ranting of the day.... it was this to which I commented about in his guest book and seemed to piss everyone off with….

name: PoeticaL
I’m sure it wasn’t your intention, but she gets my compassion. I think there’s no excuse for total absence from Chloe’s life. But I do think you have no idea where she’s at emotionally and mentally. If she feels she can’t offer Chloe what Chloe deserves from her, perhaps she is giving the best gift she can by giving Chloe the peace of her absence. I know what its like to have your child “taken away”. It can destroy any one. date: 11:23 am - Tuesday,October 1, 2002

name: me again..
I probably wouldn’t help Bucky’s father take him out of the country either. Even if he had custody and I should. I would probably not want to think about my child going so far away. Put yourself in her shoes..have you ever? date: 11:33 am - Tuesday,October 1, 2002

Fuck it. I don’t like men that bail in cruel ways. Sure I should think that there are ways to bail that aren’t cruel and I wasn’t there and blah blah blah. All I really said was, have you ever thought of what her side of things might really be like? I guess men that bail don’t want to think about the pain they are causing the woman they fucking left. They just want to forget that part and only see her bad behavior that just might be due to heartache and pain.

When you get married, its supposed to be til death do us part. Not until “the girl in my office looks better than the girl wearing my ring.” That’s fucked up.

I really only am this pissed off about this because of Justin’s comment “hey don't you have a guy you met on the net's dick to suck in an alley way right about now?” Pretty ironic considering how many diaryland girls he’s fucked. I hate people that point their finger and pretend they’ve done nothing wrong.

Anyone who reads my diary often enough, Justin not being one of those people, will know that I admit to being confused, shattered, destroyed, and have never said that I haven’t made tons of mistakes. Might just be because of men that dick over the girl they have promised their life to.

You will never be a man of your word again. You promised in front of God that you would stay in sickness and in health...and well yeah you forgot so you think the rest of us should too. Just like the man I married. Men like you suck! But hey I'm not judging you, just voicing my opinion. You'll have to meet your maker yourself.

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