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Sunday, Jul. 23, 2006
Iím finally in my core courses, which means instead of generalized ideas, I am now in a hardcore management course. And I am excited about this to say the least. I am opinionated about how businesses are run and anally opinionated about managers and leadership and teamwork style management to be precise. Weíve all had suckass bosses and weíve all seen people with NO people skills try to manage a group of fundamentally brilliant people whereby everyone fails because the leader sucks and the brilliant people get tired of carrying the shitty boss.

I am in a class where every other person (14 besides myself) are in their 2nd college course and the first one is a real nothing course, itís procedural to get people used to how the online systems work only.

Iíve already taken diversity classes, cultural classes, sociology courses, and many many more. Itís rather fun to throw out words and definitions and education backed opinions to a group of people that know none of the terminology. I can feel them struggling to argue back and that feels good. Oh donít get me wrong, I know Iím no rocket scientist but I am seeing the fruits of my former labors right now in a course full of people that know far less.

The value of educationÖ.for me itís empowering. And yes sometimes I have a ďin your faceĒ attitude and thatís further empowering. Iím not smarter than them, I just have spent more time learning to date than them and it shows. I am proud of myself. And more importantly I look forward to how I might feel a few years from now.

Donít misinterpret me because I really think that college is not the only way to be smart or well rounded as a person. I think you can learn anything you wish from reading a book about that topic. Iím a strong believer of self educating because I did this for years. I self educated during all those years when college was not an option because no one supported my wish to go.

For the first time in a long time Iím starting to think Iím on the right track with my career future and my educational endeavors. This is largely due to taking this first course in a series that will be right on target for what I wish to do most. Tell other people what to doÖ. Seriously thatís not my desire that drives me. I have been mentored since coming aboard my workplace and I love the person who continues to do this even in her now absence from the company. I want to mentor other people, assist them in gaining self worth and career achievement. I want to be the mentorÖ.to help other people find their path in the work world. AhhhÖbliss.

Ok ok now I have to write this paper about proper delegation and the four functions of management. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Which is most important? In my mind you cannot have one without the other and still have success. But Iím an unconventional thinker and I have tons of educated reasons behind my opinion and so my paper will be chockfull of definitive opinions and ideals. That or Iím just full of shit and can talk a good game.

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