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Friday, Jan. 16, 2004
I work for a boss who WILL call you if you take a day off for WHATEVER reasons. I slept in and now I'm over it. I realize I hate this job I have. I have an interview today that I'm extremely hopeful about. I also have to go to the bank and deal with closing one account, opening another account, obtaining funds and then paying some bills. I have things to do. So when I slept in and realized I've already missed an hour of work and would miss another hour by trying to drive there, I made an executive decision to say "fuck it" and stay home and sit in the sunshine with Chloe.

So I call into neverneverland to make up a pack of suitable lies about being stressed about the child custody issues (i'm going to file for full custody and just face it and go to court and fight for more rights...) along with the bank issues as of late along with my original claim to be having a meeting with Section 8 housing to apply for that. (No such meeting will ever happen in my lifetime for two obvious reasons, 1. I make too much money, 2. I'm not about a handout from the government. Annnd sooooooo.....boss is conducting meetings and is unavailable but perhaps might be calling me to "speak" to me this morning. Uh...whatever. I called off...deal with it. This is a man that has deep inner issues. He's a man that actually was quoting out of a "professional debt collector" magazine the other day in one of our many MEETINGS I like to call "Michael MillerTIME". Yet whenever he does a T.O. (talk off...ie: convince the debtbeat debter to pay bill he hasn't paid for 3 to 4 years now...) he simply calls people, "loser who can't keep a job", "low life", "a man not to be very proud of" etc. He breaks the law on a daily basis, but the man has a "PROFESSIONAL" debt collectors magazine? That's just fallout funny.

The thing that will always stand out in my mind about this particular boss....he's like a substitute teacher, his clothes match the task...but when you get close you see threadbare patches at the elbows, ripped seams in the pleats of his pants.....he's all neat and tidy to an anal degree on the charts but then again he's living a Gucci lifestyle on a Wallyworld income. He's a wannabe. Wants to be more than he is. He's simply an "office manager" because technically he's NOT my boss and doesn't sign my checks. A "PROFESSIONAL" bill collector is that guy working for Chase Manhattan Bank and he's pocketing a living large bonus check monthly. Mr. Miller is a sad replication of "what might have been had my former wife not left me."

Don't even get me started on the admin assistant we have. Her name is Chloe and she's Mr. Millers live in girlfriend. He treats her equally like shit and she can't even open any file on her computer. He must walk over there and do such a task for her. Sad....so sad. She's pencil thin and has earned by and large the office nickname of "fuckstick" because that's about all she's able to be or do for him. But she's got the best schedule...all daylight no weekends. Hmm....it's all in who you blow.

In closing....the sun's hitting my typing fingers....it's a glorious crisp day and I'm not in that hellhole as of right now....Chloe (the dog not the stick) is laying on my feet and I'm enjoying a moment here....it's a moment to be enjoyed.

I see a hot bubble bath and more of the book I'm reading and a trip to the bank in my near future. Have a great day people.

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