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is this a nice goodbye or just mission goodbye?

Friday, Nov. 01, 2002
I'm so used to losing people I care about. So used to it that I have read this 3 times and it still hasnt hit me. Itll probably hit me once I get home and take a hot shower. Then the tears might hit me.


I have been a bad email buddy for the past week or so and I cannot guarentee that it is going to get better anytime soon.

They are already talking about me heading off on another mission to support some upcoming operations and we both know what happens we they ship me out. :( So I am not going to make any promises on when I will or will not be on line.

Here is a heart breaker though, they are discussing the possibility of shutting down the UDP ports that IMs travel over, to conserve bandwidth. I might be able to hack through the firewall from time to time (using an ancient chinese secret) but I cannot guarantee anything, because of "net-ranger".

I hope that I get the opportunity to catch you before I take off on the mission though. If not I want you to know that I love you Princess.

Byes for now,

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