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Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2004
Tomorrow when I drive to work…..it’ll be the same old scene….same road, same highway, same cars I drive beside every other morning…..

However it’s not going to be the same at all. It’ll be strange to know that in a few hours my b.f. will be on a plane traveling away from me for the first time ever. It’ll be really odd to think that it’s just like every other day but then again it’s not.

b.f. doesn’t like his image captured…then again when one wicked girl (that would be me) has a cellphone cam and he’s having Memorial Day merriment…..wicked girl can catch images otherwise outside of her grasp.

Have a good flight honey…have a good time….and don’t you dare call upon those ex-girlfriends back home…oh and take notes on that wedding ceremony!

It’s gonna be a very looong week…..be safe….and do send me LOTS of picures of your badass self in that tux!!

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