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I found Mitch again!

Sunday, Jan. 06, 2002

I did something new today on a chat program. Something I've never done before and something unbelievable happened. Totally unbelievable!!!

I met someone online about 3 years ago and then the chat program "freetel" went defunct and I lost track of him. And the last conversation I had with him wasn't a flattering one and it bothered me that I couldn't ever set it right. I regretted it. (I will not regret Bryan from last night...ever!!!)

Fate...Fate....Fate.... (I am the F number...he is the M number)

Pal: This is a Pal InstaDate lobby. It is NOT a normal chat group. You CANNOT speak or text in this room. It is simply a holding area. Every 15 minutes this group will perform a match process. Please read the text that will automatically scroll by for additional details.

Pal: The private voice group for the two of you will automatically close itself after 10 minutes. The idea is to give you long enough time to get acquainted but a short enough time so as not to get awkward. You may end the insta-date early at any time by simply closing the room.

Pal: The match process will use the information in the PalProfile in the following order of importance: sexual preference, age, marital status, geographic location, ethnicity, religion and then other stuff. When filling in a PalProfile, even though nearly every question has an option to 'not specify' an answer, the more questions you answer the higher the likelihood you will be matched, so it is to your benefit to fill out all the answers.

Pal: We will make every effort to make the best match possible for you. Precedence is given to those people who have been waiting in the lobby the longest (those who entered the group first). Let's use an example to help illustrate what it means to have precendence and why that is desirable.

Pal: Let's say there are 50 people in the room. The match process will take the first person that entered the room and search through all 49 other people in the room to find the best match for them. Those two people are matched and removed from the lobby. The match process then takes the second person in the room and searches through the remaining 47 people left in the lobby. The group had 50 people in it originally, but while the first person had all 49 people to choose from, the second person has only 47. The third person will have only 45 and so on.

Pal: As the match process works it's way down the list, there are less and less people to choose a match from. The more people to choose from, the better the match that can be made and obviously the reverse is just as true. That is why we say we give precedence to those people waiting the longest, because those people will have more people to choose from and in general a better quality match.

Pal: The match process is obviouslsy constrained by only being able to choose matches for you from those people remaining in the group at the time your turn comes up to be matched. So realilistically, the whole InstaDate function should be considered a fun way to meet other people on the system rather then any type of dating service in the traditional sense.

Pal: The InstaDate process tries to protect you by keeping your Pal nickname hidden. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to reveal your nickname to your match to make further communication with that person possible. Your one on one InstaDate auto closes itself after 10 minutes. The idea is to give you a long enough time to get acquainted but a short enough time so as not to get awkward. You will see the time counted down at the top of the screen.

Pal: If you enjoy your conversation with your InstaDate you have two choices. You can either reveal your real nickname to the person and use Pal normally to continue to get to know them, or you can converse with them further using the PalProfiles messaging system.

Pal: The PalProfiles system assigns a unique id number to each person. To send someone a message in PalProfiles, you nened to know their id number. While in your one on one InstaDate, you will be told what the other person's PalProfile Id is. By right clicking on their name and choosing View PalProfile from the menu you can see their entire profile including their picture, if they've uploaded one.

Pal: Once you've had an InstaDate with someone, Pal will do its best not to match you up with the same person again. However since some people may have multiple accounts, Pal may think it's matching you up with someone new, when it's possible it's someone old, but with a different account.

Pal: Pal makes every effort to make everyone's match a good one. However since we can only choose from those people in the group, this means we are working with a very limited set of possible choices. Because of this, realilistically you should expect some matches to be good, some ok, and some to be less then satisfactory. Don't take this all that seriously. It's meant to be just a fun way to meet people on the system in a safe way. If your match is your dream come true, then count your blessings. If it's anything else, then count the minutes to the next match. Either way have fun, but be considerate.

Pal: ***** Match begins in 1 minute. *****

The match process may take a few seconds or a few minutes depending on how many people are in the group and how busy the server is at the time. Remember, it is not normally possible to match every person, especially if there are many more of one gender then the other. If you are not matched don't despair. Precedence is given to you, if you wait for the next match.

Good luck and have fun!

Pal: Welcome to your speed date match. This group will run for 10 minutes and then automatically shut itself down. You may exit at any time. Have fun.

M6837: hi

M6837: how are you

F6904: hiya

F6904: i'm fine

F6904: and you?

M6837: i am fine thanks

M6837: where from

F6904: florida

F6904: you?

M6837: florida also

F6904: wow

M6837: i am in (city in Florida)

F6904: I'm in (city in Florida)

F6904: age?

M6837: neat

M6837: :)

M6837: I am 32

M6837: and you

F6904: I'm 31

Pal: If the other person has filled in a PalProfile, you may view it by right clicking on their name and choosing View PalProfile. F6904 has filled in a profile and their PalProfile Id is 109886. M6837 has filled in a profile and their PalProfile Id is 4809.

F6904: they did pretty good eh?

M6837: maybe I am new to this

M6837: date thing

F6904: me too

F6904: never did this before

F6904: today's a first

M6837: what do you do for a livin

M6837: liviing

M6837: argh can't write lol

F6904: I work for a company that sells integrated electronics

F6904: computer chips

F6904: I work in administration

M6837: i am just a pc tech and an aspiring writer

F6904: wow

F6904: I write too

F6904: trying to write a book

M6837: i write sci fit

M6837: fic

F6904: that's cool

M6837: yep

F6904: i mostly write poetry

F6904: but am trying to venture into fiction

M6837: I am writ ing a sequel to H.g. Wells the Time Machine

F6904: coolness

M6837: and if all goes well it will be published

M6837: lol

F6904: i hope it goes well

M6837: i hope so to

F6904: are you from Florida originally?

M6837: i am still on the darn research

M6837: yep lived here all my life and you

F6904: the research is the tough part I think

F6904: no I'm from PA originally

M6837: i think I am done... just have to outline the chapters.

M6837: than do a poor mans copyright on the notes

F6904: its not expensive to do a legal copyright on that

F6904: you can get the forms online

F6904: free

M6837: so I want my notes to be at least partially protected

F6904: $35 to mail it in

M6837: I got the forms... the TX forms.

M6837: from the lybrary of congress

F6904: yes

F6904: yes

F6904: smart man

M6837: they said it was 30 dollars

F6904: yeah something like that

M6837: do you have picture?

F6904: I wrote lyrics for a song that got put on a cd and I had to copyright it

F6904: yes

M6837: i do to.

F6904: um...my nick is PoeticaL

M6837: i also have a cam

M6837: mine is SirTov

F6904: PoeticaL

F6904: yes

(he sent me his picture here)

F6904: I know you! You’re not going to believe this

F6904: don’t freak out

F6904: but did you used to work for office depot?

(we were switching from public room to private room)

SirTov: hi?

PoeticaL: hi

SirTov: want to go on cam?

PoeticaL: that ten minutes was flying by quickly

SirTov: or do the pic thing?

PoeticaL: send me a pic

PoeticaL: OMG did yo used to work for Office Depot?

SirTov: sending

SirTov: sent

SirTov: omg? did you work in furniture?

PoeticaL: no but you know me

PoeticaL: Kristy

PoeticaL: Kristy

PoeticaL: Kristy

PoeticaL: Kristy

PoeticaL: Kristy

PoeticaL: Kristy

SirTov: lmao

PoeticaL: Kristy99


SirTov: ok

SirTov: i am not freaking out but hi

PoeticaL: hi

PoeticaL: how fucking weird

PoeticaL: lol

SirTov: yes it is weird.

PoeticaL: of all the people

SirTov: have things been going better for you

PoeticaL: that coulda been in that room

PoeticaL: yes Mitch

PoeticaL: and know what?

PoeticaL: I think this is cool

SirTov: no what tell me?

SirTov: it does feel cool

SirTov: you do look different than I remember ya

PoeticaL: yeah...like it was meant to happen

PoeticaL: you do too

PoeticaL: nice goatee

PoeticaL: how have you been?

SirTov: i remember you were married

SirTov: last time we talked.

PoeticaL: correct

SirTov: I've been ok actually

PoeticaL: its really so nice to find you again

PoeticaL: I have wondered about you

SirTov: well we left on bad terms

PoeticaL: I know

PoeticaL: I'm sorry about that too

PoeticaL: have been

SirTov: so I dunno what to say now.

PoeticaL: well I can tell you this much

SirTov: i will consider it the past

PoeticaL: I was in that room thinking "wow someone that's kewl to talk to"

SirTov: like in the New Year songs.

SirTov: yep

SirTov: :)

PoeticaL: I shouldn't be so surprised that it was you

PoeticaL: just of all the people......ya know

SirTov: true:)

SirTov: but it's good we can talk I guess? :)

PoeticaL: still have that same sweet smile

SirTov: I try.

PoeticaL: you're looking good

SirTov: so you look good to

SirTov: you look different

PoeticaL: thanks

SirTov: better cam?

PoeticaL: lost weight

PoeticaL: no its the same

SirTov: i am still losing

PoeticaL: just works better in the daylight

SirTov: finally

SirTov: but it's slow going

PoeticaL: its not easy to do

PoeticaL: so I commend ya

SirTov: thanks

SirTov: i am finally working on that novel you know

PoeticaL: <---has a big grin on her face

PoeticaL: that's awesome...I remember you always wrote such awesome stuff

SirTov: i just have this feeling it will be published

SirTov: I know it will be

PoeticaL: so do I

SirTov: I am reading a cool book

PoeticaL: you have to believe in your own work

PoeticaL: what book are you reading?

SirTov: called if you can talk you can write...

SirTov: it's by Joel Saltzman

PoeticaL: he's a great writer

PoeticaL: for writing stuff

SirTov: and he knows what he is talking about.

SirTov: so are you married?

PoeticaL: seperated

PoeticaL: we're soon to be not living together

SirTov: you finally moved out?

PoeticaL: no

PoeticaL: but I am getting my own apartment

PoeticaL: probably be in by Feb 1st

SirTov: i am still single you know.

PoeticaL: ;-)

PoeticaL: I'm sitting here trying to remember your other nick

SirTov: docgalo

PoeticaL: yeahhhhhhhhhh

PoeticaL: you and I met so long ago that we met on freetel

SirTov: hehe didn't that program die

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: it did

PoeticaL: heya......can I make ya a buddy?

SirTov: yes can i make you a buddy to?

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: I would like that very much actually

SirTov: wow my mind is like racing

PoeticaL: teehee

SirTov: i am like wow...

SirTov: this is neat in a way.

PoeticaL: thats what I'm thinking

PoeticaL: as soon as I saw you I knew

PoeticaL: I was like "holy cow!

SirTov: i proabably would not have recongized you

PoeticaL: really?

SirTov: and when you said office depot

SirTov: i did freak a little

PoeticaL: teehee

SirTov: i thought you were someone i worked with there

SirTov: in the furniture department

PoeticaL: oh yeah I can see where you'd think that

PoeticaL: listen....I'm heading out to go see a movie

SirTov: there was a woman named kristy there

PoeticaL: I didn't expect to get ahold of someone on that insta thing that I wanted to talk to

PoeticaL: I'd like to talk to you more later

SirTov: what movie you watching

PoeticaL: tell you what I've been up to

PoeticaL: Vanilla Sky

PoeticaL: Tom Cruise

SirTov: heard it was ok... lol

SirTov: go see Moulin rogue

SirTov: lol

SirTov: rent it

PoeticaL: yeah I hear that's brilliant

PoeticaL: know what?

SirTov: what tell me??

PoeticaL: I've thought about you a few times

SirTov: good thoughts

SirTov: or wanting to kill me?

PoeticaL: yes Mitch

PoeticaL: I've got to get going though

PoeticaL: or I'll miss my movie

PoeticaL: meeting a girlfriend there

SirTov: what time will you be back

PoeticaL: afternoon

SirTov: well i will look for you.

PoeticaL: around 5:30

SirTov: Y ou have my name now

PoeticaL: I would like that

SirTov: so if we meet we can talk

PoeticaL: I have some stuff I'd like to share with you

SirTov: i would like that also

PoeticaL: too cool

PoeticaL: I think I'll be smiling about this one all day

PoeticaL: <---looks up at the sky and says "thanks big guy"

SirTov: i am not a sex jerk anymore... at least most of the time i try not to be

SirTov: lol

PoeticaL: lol

SirTov: are you into church finally?

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: how about that?

PoeticaL: yes yes yes

SirTov: thats way cool

SirTov: what kind you go to

PoeticaL: yeah Mitch it is

SirTov: Baptist?

SirTov: prespbatirian

SirTov: Calvary?

PoeticaL: Free Methodist

SirTov: Cathloic?

PoeticaL: I'm a Christian

SirTov: I go to Calvary Chapel

SirTov: Me to I am a Christian

PoeticaL: we'll talk again Mitch

PoeticaL: I promise

SirTov: I thought you used to be a Catholic?

PoeticaL: I look forward to it

PoeticaL: yes I was a Catholic

SirTov: thanks

PoeticaL: I gotta go though

PoeticaL: I'm sorry that I do

PoeticaL: but I do

SirTov: you have a good time

PoeticaL: Pal....way cool

SirTov: we have alot of time

PoeticaL: ;-)

SirTov: maybe we could be good friends again

PoeticaL: I'm happy about this

PoeticaL: ok I gotta go....

PoeticaL: bye bye

SirTov: bye bye for now

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