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monday mourning - poem

Monday, Mar. 08, 2004
monday mourning

monday morning
another sad Sunday mourning
elbowed ribs
more cracked promises
and nothing stays the same
just another raging
storm cloud forming

dot to dot
like trailing stars you’re over there
but where do we go
when I don’t know anymore
where we are

sunny driveways
empty houses
skeletons laid out
on frostbit lawns

empty gazes
angry phases
like two moons hanging
suicidal on the dawn

monday morning
another sad Sunday mourning
saturday’s long goodbye

moving boxes
taped up losses
where are you going?
when I keep saying
that I’m sorry

is this….?
it’s just another drawn out

are you with me?
are you just waiting?
do you love me?
or are you just another lie?

sidewalk cracks
trace the faces
of past mistakes
like a perfect map

are you coming
or am i going out alone?
is it ok if i call you?
or are you never really home?

i know it doesn’t stay the same
it keeps changing
but are we supposed to hold
each other,
while i wonder if it will remain?

i know my ‘i’m sorry’
hangs like laundry
dirty against the
perfect monday mourning sky

....inspired by....

I know nothin' stays the same
But if you're willin' to play the game
It's comin' around again

-Carly Simon
8:57 a.m. ::
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