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Tuesday, Sept. 06, 2005
Today’s a new day. After a long weekend, no one wants to go back to work. How did I spend my weekend? I basically stayed home most of the 3 days. I did a lot of college work, writing a paper on Hybrid vehicles with my team. 2,500 words. We also had to produce a PowerPoint presentation. It seems to have turned out rather ok, so we’ll see what my grade is in the course once it gets posted sometime next week. Another course done, but it’s going by rather quickly in some aspects but in other’s it feels like forever.

I have a friend that lives in Gulfport, Mississippi. I used to work with her at the U until her and her daughter left the area due to her ex cheating on her with drugs. Meaning he loved the drugs more than her. The area in which she lives is pretty bad off. Her house is now uninhabitable and she’s a single mother of a 9 year old daughter. It breaks my heart. I and a few others that I know are organizing to help her, but it’s difficult to send help when the mail service is so wonky, etc. But we’re working on it and that feels better than nothing at this point. In related news…this is really reading the reality of the New Orleans nightmare--->in exile

In other news, I just officially asked for my wedding week off from work. It’s 2 months away. I’m awaiting the arrival of my invitations and as soon as I get them I’ll have a few sleepless nights addressing them and sending them out quickly.

My son cleaned my entire apartment this weekend. The entire thing, save for the bathroom. He organized and put things away. Something that I never find the time or energy to do. It actually looks great in there, he did a fabulous job of it. Things are put in their place and more organized than in a long time. Have I told you lately that my kid is the best thing I’ve ever been blessed with? I have now.
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