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Thursday, Aug. 08, 2002
is it right that he took my son away wtih him to another state to fuck his ex girlfriend?


is it right that I cheated back?


is any of this mess right?


are ya gonna lend me lots of cash to fix it?

nope....didn't think so.

($129 is a lot of money when you have little food in the fridge, half a tank of gas, and no "mommy" to help.)

do I have friends that understand what's going on?


"the marriage is over . . . in everyway except on paper in my opinion . . . marriage is a state of mind . . . you're not married . . ." thats my take on it . . . but on the other hand, i don't think you should get upset when he cheats . . . or "cheats" rather .....if the marriage is over, its over . . . you can't expect the same restrictions and rules to apply . .

did i ever say you were shitty for ripping apart your marriage, your childs family for the sake of your own happiness? afterall from my viewpoint she never cheated or broke that marital bond? you did!


just like I told Mad earlier today over the phone in tears "I accept everyone fully and completely for who they are. I have an open mind to all of the facts that I simply do not know. Why...why...why can't anyone return same?

and then I realized someone has....

is it right that I love someone that has accepted me, who has taken the time to learn all things and understand things that you haven't and yet you judge me for?


I have morals. It's a piece of paper. If I hire you to build me a house to live in and you hand me a birdhouse, I'm not paying you for services rendered. This marital contract has been voided out, not by myself. But by him!

hey Mad,
"I am your friend, I think you're human, I am not perfect, I am glad you are human too" I love you..hang in there.
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