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Friday, Dec. 02, 2005
Instead of going with a guestbook that would quickly be put away somewhere I opted for a picture frame that your guests sign. I love the way it turned out. This is not a picture of our wedding….yet.

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Rick bought me this Fossil watch…..I love it…..it has a pink watch face….and it shows the date….I’m constantly asking Rick what the date is….now I can stop….

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This is the ring I exchanged with Keith. He has one and I have one. He loved it….or at least I think he did. He was very surprised. Everyone was surprised that Keith was included in such a wonderful way. Rick and I love him and both wanted very much to include him in our special day. This is the ring that I chose….it’s square sided and he was told regardless of what corner of the world he was in we would both always love and care for him. Rick does not have one because I could not get his big huge ring size in time…..maybe someday he’ll get one from Keith and I for a special occasion. :-)

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A better picture from Tiffany’s website….

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Rick and I also got handmade rings while on our honeymoon. Mine has Rick handcarved in the band..his has Kristy…I can’t get a good picture of either ring…they are very detailed. He’s wearing his on his pinky finger and I’m wearing mine on my thumb. I love it. It’s handmade and very unique. These were a gift from me to him….
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