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Thursday, Jun. 05, 2003
One other thing I wanted to mention here because I failed to mention it beforeÖ. Rick says that he trusts me but that itís hard not to be jealous or bothered by my friendships. After all heís often present when someone calls me and Iím having a jovial conversation with them. I donít hide or keep him from my conversations for the most part, but itís still got to be very difficult. He and I have come to the conclusion that I need to not ask him if heís bothered, not ask him to decide if he can deal with it or not. When I asked him that he decided he couldnít. But then again I was giving him an ultimatum and thatís wrong on my part. I think that he does far better than I might in his shoes with this situation. Most of the time he retreats when I speak to someone and then I have a guilt trip and feel bad and want to ďmake it all better.Ē In my efforts to do that I am causing him more harm. I am going to be thinking this one over for a long time to come.

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