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mourning this morning,..monday morning

Monday, Mar. 22, 2004
Usually on Mondays I have a full tank of gas….five days of new possibilities, new hope that this week will be bright and happy and…something new. That perhaps I’ll make it to the beach, perhaps I won’t get into any arguments…perhaps work will be bright and interesting…..I’m full on hope….and loaded up on that $1.73 per gallon gas…

My drive to work is straight, entirely straight..ok one turn out of my apartment complex and one turn onto *(#$&# Boulevard and then it’s all straight from there until I turn onto the street I work on….it’s all straight, time for thought….morning sunshine…gotta love Florida eh???

This is not even a turn…it’s more of a lean to…lean to the right and remain…Seminole is a hugely long highway….it’s straight boring and just..this is the time of my day when I think…

I don’t like waiting behind people..this urks me. I like being up front …first. I don’t know what this means but I certainly don’t like being behind a station wagon, I’d much rather look at a sports car or something shiny.

The below picture is of Bucky’s tae kwon doe center, it’s along the way to my job, I drive past it. I drive past it on the way home too, I have seen ex driving down the highway with my child in tow and god…that’s a sickening feeling….so close but on his way to some other world I know little to nothing about.

A brief stop before work….. ;-)

Oh and that’s a picture of Clearwater Beach up there in my diary. I work in Clearwater…. I’m a lucky girl…such a pretty place to live.
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