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Monday, Dec. 19, 2005
Today I got a disk in the mail from Carla….wedding pictures….some of my favorites….

Giving Keith his ring…

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I love this photo….I titled it HAPPY…this was just as I got to the end of the isle and we took each other’s hands….

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Rick’s family…..

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Steve, Carla, Robin, Me, Rick, Randy, Doug, Dougie Jr., Sean

Dylan, Devin

Our family…

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Also want to say a great big warm warm thank you to one of the nicest people I’ve ever met to date for the beautiful wedding gift I received today. You are truly a special person and I miss you like crazy….and was touched deeply that you sent us a gift so beautiful. And you are the sneaky one….

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I love love absolutely love candles and even more than that I love being able to light candles and curl up with my man. Behind the candles are the sandcastle tea light burners I decorated the wedding reception with. There were lots of candles lit that night too….so this reminds me of my wedding night. Thank you…you’re the brightest star in any night sky. I will think good thoughts for you everytime I light these.....you deserve the best in life my friend.
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