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Monday, Jan. 03, 2005
I just read ”this article” online whereby they speak about the Universitys reSource system and yes this is true. The University does not make you buy a lot of books. After reading that article I realize that my monthly fee of $30 (because I am an employee I do get a discounted rate…most students pay about twice that amount.) is really nothing to be bitching about. Along with my whining about paying almost $100 for two books that I will use throughout my college career. Of course that is unless they change up what they want to use again….*rolls eyes*.

I feel so totally emblazoned with new responsibilities. The final crunch regarding school activities has arrived and I’m blasted with “To do’s” and “Did I remember to do’s?” that I’m already feeling overwhelmed. I need a massage, a cup of hot tea, a life. Yes, I need a life. I have promised myself that when I graduate I am going to buy myself a big huge leather chair and place it next to a window with mucho sunlight coming in and then I shall not read anything but books of pleasure. However, I did read “Tommyland” yesterday in its entirety and I am almost ashamed to say that Tommy Lee was one of the most entertaining narrators I have read to date….and yes I’m aware that that other guy actually wrote it (co-wrote…I think). Either way, the fact that he gave his penis the opportunity to speak totally cracked me up every single time. He claims to love sex…and god..you gotta love him for admitting it to the masses and not coming off crass about it. Go TommY! I will never in my life forget working at my first job at National Record Mart (later became NRM only) back when they actually sold records and some stoner came in and asked me for "Mostly Crude Grills Grills Grills on Placette". That's exactly what he said and my mgr and I burst out laughing and that's the one and only time in my life I almost sharted in my pants from laughter. Ahhh I loved that job...until Ablums moved into Placettes and then came CDeeze.

A few of my co-workers go to a Dr they call Dr. Feelgood. They call him this because he will give you pretty much any drug you want within reason. Meaning prozac your bag? He’ll fill it. Zoloft your pill of choice? He’ll load ya down. So, I found out today when I mentioned to someone that I had a headache that they would give me a xanax as if they were giving out a pill for a headache. Really…it almost made me laugh, but now as I think about it I wonder why in the hell I didn’t take the pill. I am however getting that Dr.’s name since my doctor is in downtown st. pete and just farther than I care to drive lately. …and to think I didn’t even plan to segue that into the Tommyland comments of earlier.


He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
He's the one that makes ya feel alright

-Motley Crue
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