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Sunday, Feb. 27, 2005
In the middle of moving and half my stuff is in boxes and the other half is sitting amongst the mess. The man has done most of the packing, he did it last week and so now…now one must search through unmarked boxes and find pans and or spoons or whatever else got pre-packed that now has to be unpacked so that one can cook some dinner. The timing of the move has been wonky because we are awaiting our new apartment’s renovations to be complete. Gah.

We live in an apartment complex that is renovating the entire place and forcing it’s occupants to reoccupy a new renovated apartment. It’s a huge pain in the ass to have to pack and move one floor down. But I’m ready for it because the apartment’s needed lots of work and we get new countertops, new appliances (stove and refrigerator) and tile floors and new carpeting and new blinds and new new and yah some new.

Bad timing though. I’m a college student and I’m midway through a class and have to switch my Internet over, etc. It’s going to be a stressful week. However I am off all weekend and a big majority of our stuff is already packed and so….it’ll be alright I think.

This entire weekend was spent laying on the couch bemoaning my sore back. My vertebrae are aching and standing up for long periods of time, well that hurts like all holey blankets.

I read an entire book last night. “On a Night Like This” by Ellen Sussman. This is a fiction book that borders the venue of the Harlequin Romance. It was good stuff, although it was rather predictable. Girl is single mother, works as chef for a living. Girl finds out she has cancer. Cancerous girl gets contacted by a former fellow student from her high school. Girl and boy fall in love. Awww. Boy is married and his wife has left him. But alas, once the love bloom’s his estranged wife returns and she’s PREGNANT! *gasp* Oh but no worries, it turns out its not his and he tells her he wants a divorce. So then boy and girl resume love affair despite cancerous impeding death of girl. Oh wait, then girl’s 16 yr old daughter gets groped and nearly raped and it’s by Boy. Girl hates boy and ends it. Ohhh wait, it was not the boy. Turns out it was the landlord thinking 16 yr old girl was her mother who he used to bang on occasion since she used to be single and miserable before the boy came into her life. Now boy and girl and girls daughter run off into the enchanted woods and live happily ever….screeeeech….. Girl dies. Or at least the reader is led to believe that girl dies. Last line of book “Then in a circle of their arms, in the glow of the last filtered light of day, Blair (GIRL) slept.”

She slept? Or did she die? Yah she probably died. But no one cried and no one was in the room and no one held her hand and how did this author not make it a really sappy ending when the rest of the book was???? AMAAAZING!

So you’d think I disliked the book? Nah, I really was all up in its face and I’m pretty sure I was liking it from page one to the last. I was glued like a virgin never been touched by sappy love story before. Ms. Sussman writes a damn good character and makes us then like them. Luke, every girls dream! He’s a screenwriter and once wrote a movie about something that happened to Blair while in high school, but not while they were together. Aww he loved her years before he knew it? *sap*

Blair’s daughter Amanda was also a nice character. Creepy part of book was when Amanda read a short story that Luke wrote about an older gentlemen living on a farm who had an affair with a teenage girl. But never fear he corrected her and told her he didn’t want to get into her teenybopper jeans and again…all was fluffy and well.

It was a non harlequin full of fluff love story. It made me warm and fuzzy within and I could NOT put it down even though it was typical. I wanted the boy to leave the girl and I wanted her to die in a ditch somewhere alone while her new man boinked her daughter in the back of the restaurant the Girl worked in.

It would have been less typical and more interesting. And…Sweetpea...stupid dog name. I mean really. That's a cat's name any day.

Yes…I like originality rather than recipe romance. But if you like that harlequin thing and you don’t want to wait for the sex scene which turns out to just be a kissing scene on the last page…read this book. Or if you paid $1.99 for it via E-Bay then ….yah it’s worth it.
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