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mp (i miss writing for you)

Monday, Dec. 22, 2003

I used to sit
and you would too
and I would type
and so would you

good morning here
and you weren't there
you were here
and we went everywhere

i would write
and you would read
and then at night
in dreams we were freed

you held my hands
and I always knew
that you were me
and I was just like you

we would talk
about our every things
you would hum
and then let me sing

words would dance
and i could smile
you were mine
just for then, our little while

sometimes the silence comes
and i pretend, i don't deny
that i'm ok here
while there you fly

but then a shadow falls
into my arms
I am alive and
with you without harm

it is then I crack
and open wide
for even as I push away
you are always right inside

if I thought that I
could just go there
and it would be where
I haven't had to look

I would be gone
one left palm a daisy
the other grasping pen
your fairy tales aren't in a book

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