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Thursday, Dec. 12, 2002
He wrote one film about his life. Then he wrote other films just because he writes. Then he started a big masterpiece of movies called The Revenant because he just keeps getting better!

He writes, he casts, he pays, he films, he creates.

His latest project…

is the film he’s asked me to write lyrics and work on a song for. He’s working on a movie soundtrack to accompany his film. Since he asked I am writing words, stringing letters with thoughts, hoping for something I’m proud of because he just rocks. He told me that my friends could do the song if they want. I haven’t had a chance to talk to them yet.

In brief the movie is about a girl who’s mother passes away leaving her a huge old house, within days of her death Juliet goes to the house that is a boarding house and learns that the house used to be a brothel and that her own mother worked there. She meets boy, falls in love with boy after an angry start, she is a cutter and this plays heavily in the script.

Part of me wants to ask someone else to do this song with me. I am torn, but I know two things, I want to work “with” someone directly and have more input. I guess the thing to do is to ask said person or go ask Jamie and see what the guys think. Because it doesn’t really matter what I want if no one else wants to work on this with me, what matters is how best to make it all work with someone who wants to do this with me.

And keep in mind, no matter what Mike said he’d do the song, so I have nothing to lose because I’ve heard what he can do and it is some amazing stuff. I’m happy to be working on something new, a new project, something else fun to do.

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