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my best friend (poem)

Monday, Sept. 23, 2002

Thanks for listening to me blabber and blabber….and just thanks for being such a great friend. There are days that if I didn’t have you I’d probably sit and just cry for an hour… I appreciate your friendship.


I just found out some stuff…here at work..that makes me want to cry. I hate men. Truly they do some of the cruelest things ever. I’ll explain from home later…

A poem I wrote this morning…about....uh...yeah..

my best friend

went to sleep thinking about you
haven’t done that in quite awhile
i’m not going to speak out loud about you
so i’m wrapping my body with this smile

think i know about love
its not a kite strangling on its string
its more like a tiny reminder
that the heart doesn’t forget anything

went to sleep remembering
that there is always something good
you truly are my best friend
that’s the thing our storms have withstood
1:20 p.m. ::
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