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Thursday, Jul. 31, 2003
My boyfriend has yummy chocolately brown eyes. My boyfriend has a butt that surpasses any chippendale I've ever seen. My boyfriend makes the best eggs and bacon of any 5 star restaurant alive. My boyfriend loves coffee and peanut butter and cheese to death. My boyfriend can scrub a bathtub as shiny as a professional cleaning service. My boyfriend doesn't roll his eyes about my massive book collection. (just the massive shoe collection sometimes...teehee) My boyfriend always buys me the prettiest jewelry as gifts. (truly the prettiest...) My boyfriend lets me dominate the remote control most of the time. My boyfriend is putting gas in my truck probably right about now. My boyfriend researches my illness on the Internet so he can understand what I am going through. My boyfriend gives me free food anytime I go to work and even pretend to be hungry. (ie...stand there shifting weight from one foot to the other looking sheepish knowing he knows I wanna be too lazy to cook for myself) My boyfriend smells like this cologne I love. My boyfriend doesn't hug me when he's dirty from working because he doesn't want to get my shirt dirty. :-) My boyfriend taught me how to grip the headboard so tight my knuckles turn white. My boyfriend always kisses me hello...and goodbye. My boyfriend cares about where I am, what I'm doing and when I'll be back home. My boyfriend cares about ME. My boyfriend takes Chloe outside way more often than I ever do. My boyfriend lets me listen to whatever music I want and doesn't ever complain about it. My boyfriend is going to make meatloaf for dinner. My boyfriend is sensitive and when he lets me see his feelings...I think he's the most amazing person I've ever seen. My boyfriend never calls off of work. He never pays a bill late. He never takes my things and pawns them. My boyfriend leaves his empty cigarette boxes all over the house. (this used to urk me...but now...I can't imagine never throwing another one away..) My boyfriend knows what a vacuum cleaner is for. My boyfriend knows how to grocery shop. My boyfriend gives me goosebumps everytime he touches my neck, my shoulders..my... My boyfriend is the best lover I've ever had. My boyfriend puts up with a lot of my temper tantrums. My boyfriend doesn't think I need Zoloft, but he supports whatever I choose to do. My boyfriend is sometimes confusing to me, but that's just because I'm confused. My boyfriend is pretty damn cool. My boyfriend doesn't know how much I love him..shhh...don't tell. ;-)
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