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Friday, Dec. 06, 2002
Kwisty2k: i got a christmas present today
“him”: for me
Kwisty2k: lol...
“him”: oh someone gave you xmas present
Kwisty2k: yes
“him”: and your going to give it to me right
Kwisty2k: you wouldn't have a use for it
“him”: ok
“him”: well scratch that idea
Kwisty2k: lol
“him”: what did you get and who gave it to you
“him”: some lamo present
Kwisty2k: my friend Sandy sent me a poetry book called "Poetry After 9/11" that was in my amazon wishlist
“him”: oh thats alright
“him”: now you can send her back the same one
“him”: think of it like a 2 for 1 deal
Kwisty2k: it was gift wrapped and ....her card says "Merry Christmas Kristy. Thanks for being such a good friend. I hope that the new year brings you all that you wish for and all that you are working for. Sandy
“him”: buy 1 get one free
“him”: it was wrapped and you opened it
Kwisty2k: umm...er.....yes
“him”: shame
Kwisty2k: c'mon putting a amazon box in front of me is ...well I can't not OPEN IT IMMEDIATELY
“him”: did its say open me now or merry xmas
Kwisty2k: its the subliminal message behind that smiley picture under Amazon
Kwisty2k: it said "rip this open and read everything in it"
Kwisty2k: it was a small voice, but I heard IT
“him”: voice of impatience
Kwisty2k: yeah..well....uh... ok whatever
“him”: what are you going to get her
Kwisty2k: *shrugs*
“him”: same book
Kwisty2k: no
“him”: make copies staple them together say sorry they were all out of the hard covers
Kwisty2k: teeheee

Kwisty2k: ya know what?
Dreamzzzz101: what?
Kwisty2k: there's a reason that logo has a smile on it
Dreamzzzz101: why is that
Kwisty2k: because it's true..... those kinds of boxes make a person smile really big like this --->:-))))
Kwisty2k: thank you!!!!!!
Dreamzzzz101: you are welcome
Kwisty2k: that was so sweet....and then it came on a day when I'm feeling soooo sick
Kwisty2k: the only other person to ever buy me a poetry book was "t" I swear the people god should bless are poetry book buying special people!!!
Dreamzzzz101: i knew that he was the only other person to send you a poetry book :-)
Dreamzzzz101: i'm glad i could be the 2nd one
Dreamzzzz101: i just wanted to do something nice for you
Kwisty2k: ya know what? me tooo
Dreamzzzz101: smiles :-)
Kwisty2k: i debated...whether or not I should open it or wait for christmas...but c'mon....amazon presents.....I don't posess that kind of willpower!
Dreamzzzz101: LOL
Dreamzzzz101: i would not have been able to wait either
Kwisty2k: that's worse than sitting in front of a bowl of chocolates
Kwisty2k: and trying not to eat em
Dreamzzzz101: LOL
Dreamzzzz101: very true
Kwisty2k: i think i could resist the candy more than amazon
Kwisty2k: listen....I've got to tell you that...the true gift has been your friendship. I have struggled for years to trust another female with absolutely no success.
Dreamzzzz101: well i feel the same with you......i'm glad we are friends
Kwisty2k: awww....me too
Dreamzzzz101: smiles

a poem taken from the book….

Bad Days

If you can’t say what you mean
Then you might as well jump ship
Like yesterday, even after
I had climbed the mountain,
I could not put Vermont together
Spiritual heights are a downer
These days when what I need
Is a jolt of real blue, and what I get
Are piles of brown leaves
Sliding by at a walkers pace
Incremental evidence that something
Is changing or is spooked and fleeing.

Harvey Shapiro

Thank you Sandy! I find myself saying that to you a lot and never feeling that those two words are quite enough!
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