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Monday, Jul. 07, 2003
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Where are you going for a week? And do you realize you are doing exactly what I always fear with everyone?

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i just think it would be in our best intrest
to spend some time apart from each other.
since we are not getting along to good.
please stop compareing your last relationships to this one
i am not leaving you i honestly think we need to
spend some time apart from each other. i am sorry
if i am hurting you i just don't know what to do??????


From: "Kristy " Date: 2003/07/07 Mon PM 12:47:50 CDT
To: Subject: RE: us

I am not comparing relationships. I am just stating that everyone I have ever chosen to care about leaves me. My parents included.

Maybe we do need to spend some time apart. EX just called me and asked if I could take Bucky Wednesday after work until Friday night. He has to go to Jacksonville for some training class.

I'm confused. I'm scared. And I don't know what to say. I feel like I can't do anything right for you.

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From: rickmeister@####.net [mailto:rickmeister@####.net]
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 1:49 PM
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please understand i am not leaving you!!!!!!!
you are do everything right its me that can't do
anything right i love you i to don't know what to do.

I just realized that our time's look all whacked. But this is how it went after that first email. Then I walked in the door of the apartment after work and he called and said he's on vacation next week and that he's not going anywhere. When I answered, he said, "oh bummer eh..you answered the phone."

I can't fix his self esteem and it's driving me crazy. If I don't say the right thing or do what he expects I should do every day then he's upset that I didn't say I love you or I didn't kiss him goodbye or maybe I did and he didn't hear it and he yells out "I love you TOO!!!" in an angry tone. I just hate it all. It shouldn't be like this. It's not like love is keeping score of who shows tokens of affection etc. It was so easy before, and now...this is just a mess. I don't know how it got this way but it sucks.

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