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Monday, Oct. 07, 2002
Kwisty2k: i think a lot of people have a diary because its hip and/or they want to appear kewl

Kwisty2k: for me

Kwisty2k: its a way to sort out my fucked up thoughts

(kewl diaryland chic): me too

(kewl diaryland chic): i have so much in my head...i need to get it out or i will explode!

Kwisty2k: its not so I can show people my hip new shoes and stuff

(kewl diaryland chic): HA!

Kwisty2k: lol

Kwisty2k: my therapist told me to write about it

Kwisty2k: then I wrote about it and someone told me to get a therapist

Kwisty2k: HA

(kewl diaryland chic): oh my god! that's too funny!!!

Kwisty2k: lol

Kwisty2k: i know it

Kwisty2k: my therapist told me that most people dealing with all the stuff I have had thrown at me are on the streets sharing crack with their pimp

(kewl diaryland chic): yeah...seriously

Kwisty2k: all I wanna do is write

(kewl diaryland chic): and here you are, just trying to raise your son

(kewl diaryland chic): sheeesh

Kwisty2k: well he told me that i'm too hard on myself and that I have managed to hold down my job, get another and stay out of trouble too

(kewl diaryland chic): and that is an amazing thing.

(kewl diaryland chic): you have to be soooo strong

Kwisty2k: no, i just love my kid and want to be a better Mom than I had

(kewl diaryland chic): so many people would give up

Kwisty2k: ever seen my son's face?

she hadn't... I'm not strong. I have a reason. I have a good reason. I have a reason not to ever give up.

He doesn't need those goggles, flippers or float. He swims so well I swear he has an invisible shark fin on his back.
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