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Friday, Aug. 02, 2002
Hey baby…

I can only hope to move you the way you move me.

I kiss you hungry, needing to taste your mouth hot. Eager to give back yet I slow my pace down with the sheer strength of my willpower fueled by my wish to please you. I release your arms leaving them above your head slowly run my fingertips across your chest. I sit up gently in your lap, slowly grinding my hips down against your body beneath me. I run my hands across your chest in soft circular motions. My eyes stare right through you. I slide down next to you, beside you, against you. I begin to kiss you again, with a new slower speed. Sucking your lower lip into my mouth slowly then running my tongue slowly across your lip, all the while slowly I slide my hands down to your stomach. I continue pressing my body tight against yours, moving my hips against your groin in motion with my lips against yours.

I gradually increase the intensity of my touch. At once grazing across your skin lightly making my way down your body with my kisses always stopping to watch your face, and once again licking deliberately following the path my fingers create first. I make my way to the open waist of your jeans. I lick every inch of your exposed skin, pressing my hands against your hardness through tight cotton. By this time I can no longer control my speed. I look into your eyes pleading with you, my hand reaches deep within your jeans, yanking and pulling your jeans off. I push them off of the bed with my hands frantically like a child ripping open a present on Christmas morning. My fingers search and quickly find hot flesh, my open palms gripping against your every inch. My mouth hungrily engulfs every inch deep. My exposed breasts sliding across your stomach with every movement.

Once again I remember I want for your tortured pleasure and I release every inch slowly. I again look into your eyes. Then your hands are deep inside my hair against my face, pulling me closer not wanting me to let go, your face begs me not to stop. Not to go away. I slide my hungry mouth over each of your fingers, sucking them deep into my mouth. I am slowly licking every knuckle with torture my breath against your throbbing hardness, my hands getting wet in all my slippery kisses. Your fingers push their way into my mouth. My hand always a slight grip on your penis never letting go, never moving away. My tongue licks its way across your fingers, your stomach and then you groan as I lick just slightly along the length of your penis. I pull myself up sitting on your leg I lean over. My long hair trails along your stomach, whispery feathery touches. My hot wet mouth, my wet hands never leave your body. When my mouth releases the length of you, my hand grips and follows the same path. Then a trip back deep inside my mouth pushing against your stomach, engulfing you whole. I taste you, lick you with my own greed. My hand wraps around you, my tongue dances around the tip of your penis, my cheeks hollow in tight against every landscape of your hardness.

All the while I press my hips against your leg. I move myself wet against your knee exciting myself. Your hands reaching down my body, pull me close into you. You try to move me, push me away. You want me. You try to reach between my thighs. I shift my body, spread my thighs open to your touch, giving every part of my body to you for your pleasure. I hold back nothing. Hesitate never. I scrape my fingernails up and down your inner thighs. Move my fingers in, across, out and against every part of your body. I want to own you for a minute, be remembered for a lifetime. I want to erase every word written before I came along. I want to be the girl you ache for in your every passionate thought.

You try desperately to stop my mouth, you want more…you want so much more. I want to taste you, feel your release against my lips, bursting like grapes in the summertime sun. I moan against you. I stop only once to look you in the eyes, hand gripping you to hungrily whisper, “baby...you taste like wine, you taste like love must taste”. For one brief moment we stare at each other in disbelief that any one moment could be so utterly amazing.

I return to my previous path. Slow licks, deep motions. You can no longer take it. You push me, not softly, almost harsh with your refusal to let me say no, down against the hot sheets, your hands pressing against my thighs, your eyes hard on mine. My mouth continues to kiss every part of you I can reach. Your lips back on mine. With every wet taste melting into our one lust, your mouth against mine, tongues dancing, breathing coming in bursts. Lips entwined, fingers wrapped into each others over our heads.

You press me down against the bed with your hard body. Your eyes meet mine, you stop. We stop. Stare into each other I open myself to your every desire. You enter me with one deep wanting hard stroke, I grind against you wanting more. I move against you every time you pull away, hips lifting forward to meet your every thrust. My hands run along your arms, your chest, I pull you close to me. But wait…I stop moving my hips. With longing eyes I hungrily say, “stop baby….please baby…wait …I just want to know what I taste like on your flesh.”
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