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Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2005

Today I came to my diary and checked for notes and low and behold my son is leaving me notes.I’ve never hid my feelings or my diary from him.He knows exactly how I feel about things.

He’s a great kid….and I swear if anyone messes with him I’ll whack ‘em hard in the head!!!His notes….

from pupart12 :

hey mom me again i just want to tell you that you can give me notes in my name pupart12 so bye again love you

from pupart12 :

hey mom , its me your son keith i love reading your feelings please dont stop doing it because im here you can also leave me messages on your diary for me i will answer them if possible LOVE YOU !!!!!!! and thank <3

Since my son is now reading my diary….why not just flat out tell him exactly how I feel?

You Keith…you are the reason I live, breath and try so hard to be better, more and someone that you can be proud of.It’s been a rough few years for me as I am sure they have been for you.But I’m ok.I’m always ok.I’m working hard so that tomorrow is better than any of our yesterdays.

I’m so proud of you my chest aches when I think about how great of a person you are.If you weren’t my son, I’d hope you still wanted to be my friend…you’re just that dang cool.

I’m working hard…..I got my scores from this weeks class in an email today from my teacher….check out what he says

Hi Kristy,

Participated 5 of 7 days = 1/1. Answered all DQs = 2/2. Provided substantive responses to others’ postings = 2/2. You Rock!!! Keep it up!!!

Total: 5 pts.

I hope I make you proud too! I love you more than life Keith!

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