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Friday, Nov. 25, 2005
The night before the wedding and....I finally wrote what I want to say tomorrow...I post this now because Rick's far too busy to see it ahead of time and because I want to save it always..so I share...

A few weeks ago I wrote a beautiful poem for today and it was wonderful or at least I thought so until two days ago when something happened that truly was far more worthy of being mentioned today. The story about the veil, the veil that my Aunt painstakingly handmade and that I am wearing today. Two days ago I decided to steam some of the wrinkles out of it because it was a tad crushed from shipping. To make a long story short…you decided to help me…. and inadvertently the veil was damaged.

I bought a new veil but at the last minute I realized that this one is perfect…. sometimes we make mistakes but that does not mean that our love must be tarnished, sometimes we cause damage but in the end love prevails and overlooks all of our errors…love heals all.

Love is not perfection…it is not without fault. Our love has not been harmed by the mistakes we’ve made but instead it has been strengthened. We have what we have because we have both been patient and we have both learned the meaning of forgiveness.

This veil is perfect because it is much like our love…the way you reacted when this mistake happened told me everything about our love. Love is not about the dress…the veil….or just about today…..our love is a series of wonderful, funny, amazing memories that I carry within my heart about us.

When I think about you…I smile, I laugh and I am always happy. You are my best friend, my lover; you are my good mornings and my every good night. You are my safety and my shelter against life’s strongest storms. With you, because of you, I am never cold I am only loved I am only warm. With you I am all that I’ve ever wished to be. I am happy.

Always remember that as we move throughout the years our love does not have to be perfect…it just needs to be treasured regardless of our mistakes. Thank you for giving me a beautiful veil full of memories honey.

I love you I love you I love you…

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