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Monday, Jan. 17, 2005
Earlier today while out for lunch an 84 year old man told Rick that he was so old that he needed to get up and move about to warm up his muscles so they would work again. He also said that he needed his wife to help him up by pushing him. He was a cute funny old man. Later as we paid for our dinner in line at the door, hey when you dine at a place called Po’ Folks (great food…huge portions….homemade….killer Chicken and Dumplings and lots of plaid clad wait staff….) you then stand in line to pay. This same old gentlemen was trying to get in line when a very young and awfully large guy was standing in his way. The older man stated, “Excuse me excuse me…I’m afraid that if you hit me I’m a goner for sure!” I stifled my insane laughter.

I did remember to tell Rick that someday he will need me to push him when he can no longer propel his own body…so he should be nice to me. :-) Of course I give him tons of shit…but when he walks up behind me…..and his hands find my body…and he’s there like he wasn’t just mere seconds ago…and the realization that he’s mine hits me, my heart runs to the edge of my soul and smiles so big that my chest hurts from holding in my grin.

But he doesn't know that....he thinks he needs me! Thanks to that cute old man today. :-)

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