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Monday, Jan. 01, 2007

All day I’ve been thinking about my new years resolutions. New new new….that word keeps haunting me. I have a few things in my head that I would love to do this year, however from past experiences I know that the majority of my time will be sucked up by school obligations. However, if time and money was no object I would like new…all new…..

A new kitchen
A new house
A new car
A new job
A new home office
A new home library
A new pair of shoes
A new desk
A new everything! (except husband and kid…I dig them and will keep them..thanks!)

Mostly I’d like to have a new thing to do with my time…besides school. I am seriously at the halfway point and I am literally bored. I am also bored with my job, and I can’t go any higher without a degree there. This is something I’ve expressed to my bosses so I feel safe in writing it here. It is not their fault but rather the policies. I love my job and love the people I work for and with….I truly do. I’ve simply mastered it and don’t feel challenged to perform my job duties. I am simply marvelous at doing so…but this has created a sense of stagnancy. I do not wish to lose my job…I just want to be challenged and learn new things. I have a meeting with one of my bosses to discuss this soon, at his desire to do so. He knows I want to move upward as I keep applying for jobs that due to policy they cannot give me. Ahh…the conundrum. He says he wants to discuss opportunities and unless he’s creating a job for me….I can’t quite figure it out.

I should be in bed because I return to work tomorrow, but I had a medium latte and I’m wired to the core right now thinking of everything and nothing and all things. I know that I will be a week behind when I return to work tomorrow but knowing me I’ll skip lunch and get caught up in one day. I’m like that…without being told to be so. I just am. I’ll want that sense of accomplishment that comes from getting caught up quickly. I am going to be traveling to our Tampa location two days a week starting this month (Jan.) and this should prove interesting if nothing else. It might make me crazy and it might actually help. Who can say? I can say they are making it worth my while to do so…but I dread it. I do know I will have traffic nightmares and will be listening to books again…the latter will be good for me.

The only two things that keep going through my head right now are…new year….what do I want to do this year……and “I should be in bed…”

I have 3 books yet to read for book club…I have read not a one of them and I have been off of work since the 22nd. I have read the wine book already though. It was great. Great stuff. I read through it so quick it amazed me. I read it last night and would definitely recommend it for a gift for someone.

I also have no class (today we were off for the holiday) and next week we are off for Martin Luther King day…but then I have 3 more weeks of Math and will go back to being fulltime online. Whew. I pray I pass this class as it sucks and I don’t want to ever crack open another Math book for as long as I live. I do know that if I take my Masters at the same school I will not have anymore Math…just a statistics course that is not so so bad…or so so good. Just not Math is good for me.

I can’t believe how little I did with so much time off. But…it feels good too. It feels good to have been a lazy sloth for awhile. It has rejuvenated me and now I feel like I can tackle 2007 with a newfound vigor. Or ….not.

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