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Sunday, Feb. 05, 2006
Yesterday I got my hair cut……my hairdresser left and so I had to go to someone new. The new girl is French. She’s also a teacher during the day at a University (not mine). She met her Texan husband when she lived in Paris. They met in Paris. She came to America knowing no English. They’ve been married for ten years and she has a stepson. She spoke of both her husband and child fondly. Anyway…the hair…

Before…(bangs in my eyes….messy..losing shape..last haircut was in July ’05)

After (Can see my eyes again...also got highlights again...ahhh)

Today I made dinner. Chicken Stew

The recipe…is here. I added two chicken bouillon cubes because I’m a bouillon addict and I wanted more chicken flavor.

I bought myself a new knife today……I’m badly in need of some good knifes and keep eyeballing a set from Kitchen Aid in red. I figured I’d buy myself one to see if I liked it. Can you say LOVE???? The knife I bought and fell in love with….

The knife set I now want want want…..let me just say cooking is far more of a joy when you have a good knife to work with…. I never would invest in a good knife always thinking it was unnecessary. I was wrong!

I’m also totally addicted to Rachel Ray’s new magazine. My employer has a magazine for it’s students. I read an article in that magazine that advised me that Rachel is going to have her own talk show that is not entirely food related soon. I verified this information on her site.

One last thing….The Steelers are playin in the super bouwl...hoping for one for the thumb!!!!

EDIT THAT: The Pittsburgh Steelers are the SuperBowl Champions!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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