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Monday, May. 12, 2003
Long morning in court. Just to get up there for ten minutes tops and say “no contest your honor” and get into a deferment program that stipulates 26 weeks of anger management classes at $22 a pop (one class per week) and 26 more weeks of unsupervised probation and restitution in the ridiculas amount of almost $1200. As if, I can just see myself coming up with that kinda cash right about now.

Rick got up early to go with me. He held my hand, hugged me and was totally awesome. The judge told me I should take deferment rather than risk 2 years in prison. 2 years for a scratch? Geez… I can also have no contact with ex until or unless he goes to court and requests it. Rick let him know, he said he’d call the clerk of courts right away and that he’d also drop my therapy money ($60) off with Rick at his job since he can have no contact with me.

This is all very ridicules if you ask me. I think part of my agreement addendum on those divorce papers is going to include the following. 1. Ex pays the $550 electricity bill he incurred in my name by tampering with the electricity bill.

2. 1 year of therapy ($60 times 12)

3. Bucky is the beneficiary of his life insurance, etc in the event of his death.

4. In the event of incarceration, hospitalization and or death, Bucky is to be delivered no later than 24 hours from the date of event to me, along with all of his belongings.

If you add up that money, it’s $1270 and so…yeah we’d be about even financially. He says I can have the Nissan pussy car that’s not currently running and is just sitting in a parking spot I pay $3/monthly for. How kind of him eh? And we need a better visitation agreement. I say that I can see Bucky within 24 hours of my request at all times, within reason. All holidays to be shared half day and Mothers Day, my birthday…all day if I so desire.

If he agrees to this stuff, then we’ll be divorced in no time and he can go marry hagface and live miserably ever after. If he doesn’t, then back to court!


p.s. hey Rick…thanks honey, for always being there!
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