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Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2004
Have you ever had a conversation with someone whereby you feel that they are simply going up one side of you and down the other peeling your skin from your body just to fry it later for their dinner? In response to that conversation I have thought hard about the past year and a half. From December 2002 until now. It’s been a rough ride…but here are…

The things I have accomplished.

I bought a truck and I have a clear title.
My electricity bill is paid. (and That was no normal electricity bill)
I got a new job with a 14% increase in pay and full health benefits.
I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and 3 shirt sizes.
I have learned how to maintain the oil, water (fluids…fluids is such a nice word) and air pressure in my vehicle.
I have learned how to better manage my money (thanks to b.f.’s influence).

The things that have not happened in the last 18 months…

There have been no utilities cut off.
There have been no mysterious disappearances of my jewelry, cd’s, books and/or any other items.
There have been no letters in the mail with surprises about my financial life.

The things I have done that I regret…

Getting into a fight with my ex..leading to a miserable night in jail and 26 weeks of anger management classes.

Grabbed wrong replacement checkbook from old closed account and wrote 4 checks like a dummy. Stupid move Sherlock.

Too many lame arguments with b.f. over lame things just because I’m intensely stressed out most of the time.

Things that I will not let bother me.

My ex. He never was worth my time.
My b.f. I always get defensive when he’s just a smartass by nature.
Bry He’s judgmental to the max and has never worn my shoes. So in short..MEN! They shall not bother me anymore.

The things that I plan to do in the coming months

Spend more time with my son.
Plan more art projects/writing projects to work on with my son.
Get more bills paid off.
Save more money, spend less.
I can’t list “finish that book” because I’m resigned that I’m never gonna. Ha!
So…instead, start writing a new book.
Get my poetry off of old machine and organized so friend Michael can put into book format and I can sell it.
Lose more weight, stop letting boy roommates influence my eating habits.
Join a tanning salon, need to get rid of the “white out” look.
Go to both book clubs and decide on one.
Finish reading Anna Karenina if it kills me.
Cook more often.
Bitch less.
Sleep more.
Buy less books.
Read the books I have falling all over the apartment.
Write more.
Cry less.
Exercise more.
Stress less.
Walk more.
Complain less.
Feel more.
Think less.
Accept more.
Let go.
Give more.
Expect nothing.
Live more.
Breath in everything.

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