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no no Chloe!!

Thursday, Aug. 17, 2006
Today I came home from work and Chloe was not at the door pawing me like a mad girl like normal. The apartment felt like a tomb it was so quiet. I love this aspect of having a pet, the greeting at the end of a long hard day at work. Today….no greeting. I nearly panicked. I hit the button on my keychain that locks my car doors and provides Chloe with noise proof that “Mom’s home!” This caused no response.

I really panicked then. I went into the bedroom and searched through the mess of a comforter to see where she was. I was calling her name and she seemed to be nearly passed out.

And then I saw it.

M&M carcasses all over the bed. Some shells, some bits of chocolate…some peanuts. Some just licked. Chocolate?

We all know that Chocolate is a big no no for dogs. It’s poisonous to them.

I triple panicked. Did a Google search for a 24 hr vet clinic and found one.

Drove her there in a panic while she looked out the side window and flirted with all the other drivers as they passed by.

I get there and…..

They tell me “she’s probably ok…we see no signs of poisoning. We’d like to keep her overnight.”

I said, “Ok let’s discuss your estimate on cost.”

They said, “We will monitor her in a “safe’ cage and we will put an IV in her in the event that she has a poison reaction and then in the morning you can pay us $299 for our monitoring. It will of course cost more if we have to actually give her any medications.”

I asked, “What would you be looking for as for poisonous reaction behavior?

They said, “Nervous behavior, pacing, panting, elevated heart rate.”

I said, ‘What if I take her out of here right now?”

They said, “55 dollars and you have to sign the form stating that you declined the doctor’s best advice.”

I signed the form. I paid the 55 dollars. I scooped up my doggie. And we’re home.

I can watch for those signs for far far less than $299!! And besides, Chloe would totally freak out if she had to spend the night in a cage….a CAGE? Get for real. This dog sleeps on my hip all night every night.

She’s now curled up beside me. She has had no signs of anything.

The vets loved her. I think they wanted to “borrow” her and “ass rape” me and my wallet in the process.

This is definitely proof that I love this dog more than the Pope loves his rosary. It’s also proof that someone thought I didn’t need to have hours and hours of time to sit and think about nothing but the fact that I have to go to the doctor tomorrow and find out more about surgery and my test results. Thank you Chloe...Momma loves you!

Note: the M&M’s were in a bag with a twist tie around it zipped into my school tote bag. She chewed through the bag and through the twisty. I think that she probably spent all day trying to get into it and might have consumed the shells of 3 or 4 M&M’s and the contents of 2 or 3 M&M’s by the time I got home. At least I have to figure that’s what happened since she seems to be fine. I think she was passed out sleeping because she crashed after her sugar rush.

TRIPE NOTE: I love my dog and I’m so so so happy tonight that she’s so very ok. I’m nearly afraid to ask for another miracle tomorrow.

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