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Monday, Jul. 22, 2002
What’s up with “him”? First he laughs about it. Then tells me to go for the guy. And then says he has to leave. No one knows what the hell they want. I swear!!

Me: guess what

Him: what

Me: i think i found my someone

Him: lmao


Me: that's not very nice




Him: OH MY


Him: Hahaahaaaahaa

Him: lmao

Me: I'm glad you're laughing

Him: <--laughing his head off

Him: lol

Him: oh shit i cant stop

Me: phhhft

Him: where did you find him at a website

Me: goodbye

Him: ok im not laughing anymore

Me: i'm not talking about it anymore

Me: closed book

Him: oh come on

Him: i wanna hear about this one

Him: i really do

Me: where we goin?

Me: too bad

Him: we are going into the story of your "someone"

Me: I'm not talking about it ever

Him: come on now

Him: tell me

Me: no manipulation about it, I just decided fuck it I ain't talking about it with you

Him: well where did you find him

Me: how was your day?

Him: fine i put one on the books

Him: where did you find him

Me: that's good to hear

Him: tell me about your someone

Me: I listened to the top 8 at 8 on this kewl country station tonight

Me: all the new stuff coming out lately

Him: so your not gonna talk to me about your someone

Me: nope

Me: one laugh was enough

Him: Ok well i have to go then

Me: lol

Him signed off at 10:00:18 PM.

Him signed on at 10:00:34 PM.

Me: thought you had to go

Me: oh now you're not gonna talk to me

Me: just laugh at me then get all pissy that I don't want to be the object of your laughter

Him signed off at 10:02:07 PM.

Him signed on at 10:02:22 PM.

Him: damn computer

Me: lol

Him: had to reboot

Me: that's what you get for laughing at a "friend"

Him: <----covers his mouth not laughing

Me: phhft

Me: it was a bad choice of words on my part

Me: I should have said someone did something really kewl for me

Him: what did they do

Him: write a check for 5k

Me: nope ...that would be more than really kewl

Me: you can do that for me

Him: im poor :-(

Me: phhft



Him: <------empty pockets :-D

Me: <-----holds sides

Me: =P yeah whateverrrrrrrr

Him: what did he do

Him: that was keeeeeeeeeeewl

Me: well....uh....

Me: er...

Me: nevermind

Me: you'll say "not logicaL"

Him: no

Me: lets skip it

Him: i wont say anything

Me: cause I'm happy about it and I'm not happy too often so I wanna stay that way

Him: you brought it up now tell me

Me: yeah and you laughed and made me feel stupid

Him: no

Me: yes

Me: like you always do

Him: it was the way you said it

Me: i know

Him: if i did that to you youd laugh 2

Me: I already said it was a stupid way to say it

Him: what if i pm you and said guess what i found my someone

Me: I was referring to a thing I wrote once

Him: you would tell me ya for about 2 weeks max

Me: about "someone"

Me: well that's YOU

Me: you can't get past 2 weeks

Me: wait

Him: sure i can

Me: I mean more like 2 months

Me: not since I"ve known you

Him: ok well 2 months is tough one

Me: lol

Me: yeah boredom sets in

Me: brad finds something wrong with them and kicks em to the curb

Him: thats the period of time where you find out all the nasty shit you didnt know in month 1

Me: mops floors while they beg

Him: If ppl want to keep things from me then they should keep away from me 2

Me: ok that wasn't nice

Me: I'm sorry

Me: really I am

Me: cause that sucked

Him: im not out to hurt anyone im not going to get screwed over in the process

Him: either

Me: i know calm down

Me: it was a shitty thing for me to say

Me: and I'm sorry

Him: you got me dander up

Me: uncalled for and inaccurate

Him: OK

Me: put your dander back down

Him: tell me about this someone

Me: you sorta already know

Him: who is he

Me: mr afghanistan

Him: miltitary dude

Him: ok good guess

Me: yeah he's just a nice guy

Me: to talk to

Him: ok

Him: what did he do

Me: so...

Me: I told him the hairdryer story

Him: ok

Him: and

Me: cause its a stupid one

Me: he said valentines day is a cheesy holiday for doing cheesy things

Him: is 2002 the year you are going to come to the part what he did for you

Me: oh forget it

Me: bye

Him: ok

Him: bye

Me: argh

Me: i hate when you do that

Me: agree with me thing

Me: snot

Him: well

Me: ok so he sent me a gift

Him: its 10 pm

Me: thats it

Him: i dont want sit through an hour

Me: he bought me a gift

Me: it was unexpected and nice

Him: ok there you go

Me: blah

Him: what was it

Me: all done

Him: nice food pack

Me: something I wanted someone to buy me for like ever and no one's ever ever ever done it

Me: til him

Me: poetry book

Me: he bought me a poetry book

Him: awwwww isnt that sweeet

Me: asshole gave me hairdryer for valentines day

Him: useful tool

Me: argh

Me: see how you are

Him: did you need one

Me: see why I shoulda shut up

Me: NO


Him: well if you didnt need one then it aint useful

Me: I don't want a fucking hairdryer for valentines day and there's no girl out there that does..needed or not!!!!!!!!!

Him: lmao

Him: how about a curling iron instead

Me: man

Him: 12 speeds

Him: if its on sale

Him: otherwise you gotta settle for 4 settings

Me: don't give me anything

Him: Ok

Me: you're like...

Me: such a brat sometimes

Him: shrugs

Him: you said dont give me i said ok

Me: you're just urked that someone did something for me

Me: and I shouldn't have told you

Him: no im not

Him: is that what you think

Him: well you think wrong

Me: all I know is he likes me

Him: well thats good

Me: I don't know what the hell I did

Me: cause I didn't do anything

Him: does he live there

Me: he's in afghanistan

Him: no shit

Me: he's in the service

Me: he doesn't LIVE anywhere for long

Him: wheres his address

Him: when he comes back to the states he must live somewhere

Me: NC

Him: surely he told you where hes from

Him: Oh shit

Me: he's from …

Me: lives in NC

Me: when he's in the states

Me: for now anyways

Him: why the fuck did he pick my state

Me: doh he didn't

Me: the Army did

Him: well tell him to get a transfer

Me: nope

Him: to california

Me: lol

Me: he's a nice guy

Him: good hell like cali

Me: and I didn't find him

Me: he found me

Him: kewl

Him: how old is he

Me: http://www.hotornot.com/t

Me: 33

Him: good hes your age

Me: yeah

Me: i'm not marrying the dude

Me: I chat to him

Me: doh

Him: when does he get to come back

Me: I don’t know really

Him: damn

Me: maybe when the war is over

Him: no their will never be peace

Me: he's been there awhile

Him: well when he gets back to NC are you going to see him

Me: phhft

Me: we haven't talked about anything like that

Him: well it aint that far away .so why not

Me: I cut most of our conversations pretty short cause I don't need to get all involved in some guy that sees his family once in 7 years cause he's in the service overseas

Me: we don't talk like that

Him: well dont hold that little item against him

Me: I don't

Me: I'm logical now

Me: realistic

Me: he's in Afghanistan

Me: he could get his ass blown up

Me: be for real

Him: not hardly

Him: hes not out in the front line

Me: well yeah cause he's not on the front line or anything

Me: he's sitting playing with his laptop sending me internet cards all day long

Him: yep

Me: he's just bored

Me: he doesn't even know me

Him: he could

Me: nah

Him: ok i need to get something done

Him: before 11

Me: k

Him: catch ya later

Me: bye

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