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Wednesday, May. 19, 2004

Yah itís out. In other newsÖ

At all my other jobs I used to take off ďmental healthĒ days. I mean, I didnít ever TELL my bosses thatís what it was but I still took them every six months or so. At this job, the idea of having a day off, even legally, is like being told that Iíll have to spend ten days catching up after having that day off. So itís not appealing.

I had a convo with ex today. I wonít even dispel all of it here except to say that the shitís about to hit the fan, because I am obtaining an attorney and things will be done RIGHT this time around. My emotions are no longer ruling the roost and Iím taking control (or as much of it as I can) of the situation.

I have been given a new nickname. Jellybean. Green jellybean to be precise.

It has hit summer before officially being summer here in FL. Itís hot. Very hot. The other day Bry told me that he watched a cartoon called ďThe Angry BeaversĒ. Itís on Nickolodeon. Itís for kids. Iíve vaguely seen it, but donít recall much about it. So now that Iím complaining about it being so hot he keeps referring to that show title every chance he gets. Being hot in Florida is not at all like being hot anywhere else. Itís humid and sticky here and just gross. Most days I crave swimming like itís going out of style but by the time I get home itís too late to swim or itís raining or I have to wash laundry.

Speaking of laundry, Rickís twin brother Randy moved out of the apartment next to us and heís now living with his girlfriend. Her name eludes me right now. Either way he had a portable washer and dryer and we have now inherited it. Itís nice to wash laundry at home for a change but dang if it doesnít take a hella long time in a portable washer. We were also storing tons of our stuff in his mostly empty apartment (before he moved) and now itís all dumped back in our apartment and I can barely walk in there. Itís miserable feeling to be there most days. Itís tight and cramped and Iím feeling restless. Iím used to moving every year. This is too long to be in the same surroundings I tell ya.

The late afternoon sun in Florida is the prettiest. It reminds me of the late afternoon sun in my grandmotherís house coming through her impeccably clean kitchen window over top of her circular corner sinks. I got a birthday card from her and wonders of all wonders I got a birthday phone call from my sister Tracy. Amazing. Even she noted that someone must have died somewhere to cause her to call. Either way I missed her call as my phone was on vibrate but still itís pretty cool that she called.

Thereís not much else going on. Mostly I miss Bucky. Itís been too long since Iíve really been able to spend time with him. Heís always busy on the weekends with birthday parties or some other sort of function and splitting time is killing me. Maybe things will changeÖsoonÖ.


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